Appendix One First House Meeting on Laudato Si'

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Father Fred Scinto

February 10, 2017




Note: Whatever questions you use from the following for your discussion, please be sure to use question 6.  Thank you.


  1. Which paragraph(s) of Laudato Sí appealed the most to you? Why?

  2. If we as a Congregation were asked to choose a couple of paragraphs of the encyclical for our Community’s use to build up an ecological Catholic philosophy-theology, which paragraphs (in your estimation) should we choose?Why?

  3. Are your chosen paragraphs for the above two questions the same or not?Think about it and then comment on this situation: state what this says for you and to you!

  4. In your opinion, given the world of today, are the exhortations do-able or not?Explain. If they are not, in your opinion, what needs to be done on the part of the Church to make them do-able? Elaborate.

  5. The Pope gives a number of reasons for today’s Catholics to get involved in Social Justice activities concerning ecology/the environment.Which reason says the most to you? Why? Elaborate.

  6. “To study and learn about the encyclical so that we can effectively translate it into (Christian Spirit-inspired) action is a demand on all those who recognize God as the Supreme Creator and ‘Owner’ of the world/universe; this requires time, effort, perseverance, and intellectual digestion.Our culture basically likes only tweets, news summaries/capsules, sound-bites, one-liners, etc. for its consumption.” How are you going to bridge this huge gap in your ministry and Catholic life in order to spread the Good News of Laudato Sí? What should our Congregation do to span this gap? Explain/elaborate.


*For the next house meeting, make sure you carefully read and digest The Economist article (on climate change) or some equivalent mentioned in the original covering letter on how our Community is going to inform itself on key documents of the Pope Francis papacy.  We need to know the science of climate change so we can think and speak with true conviction and persuasive understanding in our ministry and life; if we are uneducated in this area, in our dialogue with believers and non-believers alike, people who know something about climate change and ecology protection will tune us out immediately as uninformed.  It is at this point that the encyclical encounters the world for the needed dialogue and we need to imitate it.  In the next house meeting, we will look at this essential matter in more detail and emphasis.  So, work and be persuasive and knowledgeable for the sake of the Kingdom! Thank you!


          God bless us all as we undertake His/Her work in this area. Amen!