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February 17, 2017




(FEBRUARY 17, 2017)



What Have Been The Responses To Francis’ Visit To Sweden?

(Continued and Concluded)


  • In considering Catholic extremists’ views of the Pope’s visit to Sweden, I must confess I developed a bad taste in my mouth, especially when some of the secular press had good things to say about it see the previous newsletters).Given that, I think it would really be a good idea to (see what the Pope himself thinks of it after he came home from Sweden; we will do this below where we also will include his comments on the Catholic-Lutheran relationship as he sees it now.

  • The sources for the comments below are two: “Conversion is a prerequisite to ecumenism, Pope Francis says” from Catholic News Agency/EWTN at and Junno Arocho Esteves, CRUX, “Pope: Catholics, Lutherans must continue to seek common ground” at The date for both sources is January 19, 2017.

  • And there is nothing as good as the Pope himself to tell us what his trip to Sweden was all about, and what is the state of Lutheran-Catholic relationships today!


  • “For Pope Francis, personal conversion is pretty much the key to the Church’s success in all of her activities, from Church governance to pastoral work, from Curial reform to evangelization and dialogue.He reiterated this point in a January 19 [2017] speech to an ecumenical delegation from Finland, telling them that ‘true ecumenism is based on a shared conversion to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Redeemer.If we draw close to him, we draw close also to one another,’ he said, and pointed to his trip to Sweden last fall [Fall 2016] for a joint-commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

  • “Francis noted that at one of the ecumenical events held during his visit both Catholics and Lutherans recognized that Martin Luther’s original intention ‘was to renew the Church, not divide her.The gathering there gave us the courage and strength in our Lord Jesus Christ, to look ahead to the ecumenical journey that we are called to walk together,’ he said, and urged members of the delegation to pray fervently ‘so that we may experience this conversion which makes reconciliation possible.’

  • “Pope Francis spoke to members of the Ecumenical Delegation of the Lutheran Church of Finland who traveled to Rome for their annual pilgrimage marking the feast of Saint Henrick, the country’s patron.The delegation traditionally makes the pilgrimage during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which this year [2017] runs January 18-25 and holds the theme ‘Love of Christ pushes us toward reconciliation.” (Catholic News Agency) The delegation’s theme for the 2017 observance was: “Reconciliation.The love of Christ compels us.” “The week of prayer, Pope Francis said, urges Catholics and Lutherans to reconcile and ‘draw closer to one another anew through conversion.’” (Esteves)


  • “In his speech, Francis said the joint-commemoration of the Reformation in Sweden was important ‘on both the human and theological-spiritual levels.’ After 50 years of official ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Lutherans, ‘we have succeeded in clearly articulating points of view which today we agree on,’ he said, and voiced his gratitude.However, at the same time ‘we keep alive in our hearts sincere contrition for our faults,’ he said, pointing to the current divisions among Christians.

  • “Francis also said, as illustrated during his trip to Sweden, ‘theological dialogue remains essential for reconciliation’ among Christians, Catholics and Lutherans in particular, but noted that this dialogue has already ‘advanced through steadfast commitment.Thus, in that communion of harmony which permits the Holy Spirit to act, we will be able to find further convergence on points of doctrine and the moral teaching of the Church, and will be able to draw ever closer to full and visible unity,’ he said.” (Catholic News Agency)

  • And the Pope “prayed particularly for the Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue Commission in Finland, which is currently ‘working diligently’ to find ‘a common sacramental understanding’ of the Church, the Eucharist and ecclesial ministry” (Catholic News Agency).“ ‘I pray to the Lord that he may bestow his blessing on the Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue Commission in Finland, which is working diligently toward a common sacramental understanding of the Church, the Eucharist and ecclesial ministry,’ the pope told members of the pilgrimage from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland [on January 19, 2017]” (Esteves).

  • “Given the steps that have already been taken and those that are being made now, the Pope said the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 offers Catholics and Lutherans an opportunity to focus on the Gospel and to seek Christ together ‘with renewed vigor.’He encouraged the delegation to make a similar commitment to the one made between the Catholic and Lutheran delegations in Sweden, promising to work together to serve the poor, needy and those who suffer persecution and violence.By doing this, ‘as Christians we are no longer divided, but rather united on the journey toward full communion,’ Pope Francis said.” (Catholic News Agency)So for Francis, it is very clear that Catholics and Lutherans must continue to seek/find common ground!

  • The Pope also noted “how 2017 also marks Finland’s’ 100th anniversary as an independent state, and prayed that the milestone would ‘encourage all the Christians of your country to profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – as did Saint Henrick so zealously.’ Francis closed his address praying that the delegation’s pilgrimage would ‘contribute to further strengthening the good cooperation between Orthodox, Lutherans and Catholics in Finland and in the world.” (Catholic News Agency)

  • And “speaking off-the-cuff, Pope Francis thanked Lutheran Archbishop Kari Makinen of Turku [Finland] for bringing his grandchildren to the meeting.‘We need the simplicity of children, they teach us the way to Jesus Christ,’ the pope said.” (Esteves) Amen!


  • On February 6, 2017, at the Vatican, the Pope met an ecumenical delegation from Germany led by top Protestant Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm who is the chairman of the Evangelical (Lutheran) Churches in Germany; the Pope was shown a copy of the new Lutheran translation of the Bible, a translation that is part of the process of getting Lutherans and Catholics closer together (the Catholics have also produced a new Bible translation).There is some connection between this and what was covered above and so there is some logic to putting this matter at this point in our commentary/reflections.The full story of this is given below.And the source here is Catholic News Service, February 10, 2017.


  • The news here is that “Catholics and Lutherans [are celebrating] the Reformation with new Bible translations… The two Christian churches came together in a demonstration of unity ahead of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.Catholics and Lutherans celebrate the Reformation with new Bible translations.Five centuries after the start of the Protestant Reformation, leaders of the Catholic and Lutheran churches came together in a demonstration of unity to release new Bible translations.

  • “At an ecumenical service at St. Eberhard’s Catholic Cathedral, in Stuttgart, Germany, clergy from both churches gathered to release revised German translations of the Catholic and Lutheran Bibles.The release came as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation neared…

  • “Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising, president of the German [Catholic] bishops’ conference, emphasized the Sacred Scriptures as a strong bond shared by Catholics and Protestants.‘It is an effervescent fountain,’ Cardinal Marx said of the Bible.‘The water drawn from it does not decrease but increases.The more we debate the holy Scriptures, the more we experience the mystery of Christ.’

  • “During last year [2016], the Catholic and Lutheran translations of the Bible were subjected to thorough review and revision.A group of 200 people from both churches participated in the revision process.‘With the new translations, we remember our shared foundation – the sacred Scriptures – and together repress our appreciation for each other’s translation,’ Lutheran Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany stated.

  • “The Reformation, which sparked a religious war, left deep divides between Protestants and Catholics for centuries.In recent years, both churches have come closer together.The release of the Bible translation is one of several ecumenical services being promoted by both churches throughout the year.

  • “‘I am very pleased that we are placing God’s word in our midst in such an ecumenically meaningful year as 2017, in which we together recall the events of the Reformation 500 years ago and celebrate them today as a celebration of Christ, to place God’s word in our midst,’ Cardinal Marx said.

  • “Bedord-Strohm also stressed the importance of the Bible as a shared foundation of Christian life, saying it is full of human stories of faith.‘Christian faith today means engaging in these stories, writing these stories into one’s own biography and letting one’s own life be reversed in unity with the great history of God with men and women and interpreting one’s life in the light of this history,’ he said.

  • “Leaders of both churches announced they will use the new Bible translations in future ecumenical services” (ibid.)


May our Risen Lord make all of His followers one (including ourselves who are Catholic) so that His Gospel may more easily be received by today’s world.  Amen.



  • “Prayer is an act of hope that leads us to God” (Francis).

  • “Prayer brings the light of hope in dark times” (Francis).

  • “Let us pray for leaders that they govern well.That they bring our homeland, our nations, our world, forward, to achieve peace and the common good.” (Francis)

  • “Mary prays, she prays together with the community of disciples, and she teaches us to have complete trust in God and in God’s mercy.This is the power of prayer!Let us never tire of knocking at God’s door.” (Francis)

  • “We only come to know Jesus on the daily path of life … in order to know Jesus, we need to enter into a dialogue with Him.By talking with Him, in prayer, on our knees.If you do not pray, if you do not talk to Jesus, you do not know Him.” (Francis)

  • “God invites us to pray insistently not because God is unaware of our needs or because God is not listening to us.On the contrary, God is always listening and God knows everything about us lovingly … God is by our side.We battle with God beside us, and our weapon is prayer, which makes us feel God’s presence beside us, God’s mercy, and also God’s help … Pray always, but not in order to convince the Lord by dint of words! God knows our needs better than we do!Indeed persevering prayer is the expression of faith in a God who calls us to fight with God every day and at every moment in order to conquer evil with good.” (Pope Francis)

  • “Never hate, but serve others, the most needy – pray and live in joy.This is the way of holiness! … Holiness is a vocation for everyone.” (Pope Francis)

  • “To pray for a person with whom I am irritated is a beautiful step forward in love, and an act of evangelization.Let us do it today!” (Pope Francis)

  • “Prayer is the strength of the Christian and every person who believes.In the weakness and frailty of our lives, we can turn to God with the confidence of children and enter into communion with God.In the face of so many wounds that hurt us and could harden our hearts, we are called to dive into the sea of prayer, which is the sea of God’s boundless love, to taste God’s tenderness.” (Francis)

  • “What is needed is the ability to cultivate an interior space which can give a Christian meaning to commitment and activity” (Francis).(This is done through prayer.)

  • “Dear brothers and sisters, we have this Advocate [Christ]: let us not be afraid to turn to him to ask for forgiveness, to ask for a blessing, to ask for mercy!He always pardons us.He is our Advocate: he always defends us.Do not forget this!” (Francis)

  • “I am reminded of a German poet who said of old age: Es is ruhig, das Alter, und fromm: it is a time of tranquility and prayer.And also a time to pass on this wisdom to the young.” (Francis)

  • “A prayer that does not lead you to practical action for your brother and sister – the poor, the sick, those in need of help, a brother/sister in difficulty – is a sterile and incomplete prayer” (Francis).

  • “It is hard to forgive others.Lord, grant us your mercy, so that we can always forgive” (Pope Francis).

  • “Let us always pray for one another.Let us pray for the whole world, that there may be a great spirit of fraternity [-sorority].” (Francis)

  • “The Christian life is not limited to prayer, but requires an ongoing dedication and courage born of prayer” (Francis).


    Others on Prayer

  • “The rosary helps us to be conformed ever more closely to Christ until we attain true holiness” (Saint Pope John Paul II).

  • “God is a spring of living water which flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray” (Saint Louis de Montfort).

  • “To saints their very slumber is a prayer” (Saint Jerome).

  • “Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness” (Saint John Chrysostom).

  • “Souls without prayer are like bodies, palsied and lame, having hands and feet they cannot use” (Saint Teresa of Avila).

  • “Those who pray are certainly saved; those who do not pray are certainly damned” (Saint Alphonsus Liguori).

  • “The wish for prayer is a prayer itself” (Georges Bernanos, The Diary of a Country Priest).

  • “Prayer is the best weapon we possess, the key that opens the heart of God” (Saint Padre Pio).

  • “How to pray?This is a simple matter.I would say; Pray any way you like, so long as you do pray.” (Saint Pope John Paul II)

  • “Prayer is conversation with God’ (Clement of Alexandria).

  • “He/she causes his/her prayers to be of more avail to himself/herself, who offers them also for others” (Pope Saint Gregory I).

  • “The chief exercise of prayer is to speak to God and to hear God speak in the bottom of your heart” (Saint Francis de Sales).

  • Prayer is precious: so let you and I keep praying!Amen!


    Miscellany Wisdom

  • “The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment [remember mindfulness?] and to thank God [remember gratitude?] for all that God, in God’s goodness, sends to us day after day” (Saint Gianna Molla).

  • “When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future” (Saint Teresa of Avila).

  • “On no account give way to sadness, the enemy of devotion” (Saint Francis de Sales).

  • “You aspire to great things?Begin with little ones.” (Saint Augustine).(Remember the way of kaizen?)

  • “Joy is the echo of God’s life in us” (Blessed Columba Marmion, O.S.B.).




  • The world’s attention (and my attention) is riveted on the United States because of what is happening there.It almost seems that a new world is coming, that there is a new kind of history developing today, and this fascinates us because most of us have a gut feeling that this is going to affect us in uncomfortable ways.For followers of Christ to see all this and not analyze it as one of “the signs of the times” (Vatican II) is out of the question.This is the world in which we live and operate and live out our Faith and so we cannot ignore this.What follows below is an attempt to do some kind of reading of “the signs of the times” for a Christian believer who is trying to follow Pope Francis as he reforms today’s Church.God is with us and so let us proceed.


  • I did not really desire to undertake this assessment at the start because of the great difficulties involved but I realized that something had to be said by me if I were going to continue considering being a follower/disciple of the Risen One and especially one whose present ministry is to support Pope Francis in his reforms and to get others to do the same.

  • And I also knew that I could not be unfair in what I wrote because that would not be what the Risen One wants of me.I really needed the Holy Spirit’s help desperately and thoroughly!

  • As I was doing this, I realized (as a Canadian) how important the United States is for the world and for Canada and for myself.In many ways, my present well-being depends on a strong United States and the direction in which it takes itself.I realize I need to be grateful to God for the role the United States has played and continues to play to make my world safe for me and a good place to be.

  • I have been following developments in the United States very carefully because of the above considerations but also because I was intrigued with what happened and happens in the country.

  • At this point, I must say President Donald Trump is a very interesting individual and a very controversial individual!


  • As I started this project and moved into it, I mused as to how I should do it.Unthinkingly I thought it would be a good approach to consult the entry for “narcissist” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the “Bible” of psychologists and psychiatrists).After all, some GOP (Republican) politicians publically declared President Trump has some mental illnesses!Moreover, some of President Trump’s opponents have publically called him a pathological liar and when his public comments were checked by a journalist against the facts, 16% were correct but 84% were misleading or wrong.I thought I could have a field day by gathering this kind of information for these comments.

  • But then I heard within myself the Scripture saying of the Risen Lord that we should not judge lest we be judged (in turn).Catholic tradition has always held that when it comes to questionable actions on the part of a person, we need to distinguish the person and the actions; this means we need to make the distinction between person and action.We can certainly state that certain behaviours are not acceptable because they are sinful or imprudent or nonsensical but we cannot dismiss the person (in simple terms, distinguishbetween the sinner/actor and the sin/action – hate the latter and work against it but do not dismiss the person who remains your brother/sister).WOW!This really makes matters difficult but as a disciple of Christ, I need to maintain this distinction.To illustrate from the above materials, I am not allowed Gospel-wise to slam President Trump for being a sinner but I am allowed to take what he says and give it a reality check and then come up with the 16% + 84% statistic.In my estimation, there is too much assault upon the person of Mr. Trump and we should try as Catholics/Christians to confine our comments to his actions (which comments we can make very strong).This makes work dealing with President Trump’s actions (rather than his personhood/personal being) more difficult in what can be said but this turns out to be part of the Cross the Lord asks us to pick up and follow after Him.In the comments below I have tried to adhere to this but I am not sure I have always succeeded!Sorry for that!


  • In light of the above comments, I want to be very clear that I am not out “to get” President Trump because I have nothing against the man but I do pursue (along with so many others) the idiocy and wrongness of some of his actions.I must also confess that I do not like the man because of what he does but I know that I have to love him in the Christian sense.The distinction here is the traditional Christian distinction between “loving” and “liking”: I am definitely called to the former but not necessarily to the latter.And I need to strive to move from the former to the latter as much as I can with God’s grace.One more thing: since I do not “like” the man, I have to be very vigilant as to what I say about him because this “not-liking” can often come out in biases aimed at his person/personhood.

  • At this point, I also want to acknowledge the good President Trump has accomplished and continues to accomplish; I need to acknowledge this in order to be fair as a Christian/Catholic.For example, on January 23, 2017, he signed an executive order prohibiting American funding of abortion groups abroad.Press Secretary Sean Spicer has stated that President Trump “wants to stand up for all Americans, including the unborn.”Also the President stated his opposition to involuntary sterilizations, which in the past were funded abroad by American dollars.

  • Furthermore, in the March for Life in the United States on January 27, 2017, President Trump’s Vice-President Mike Pence addressed those present – the first time a Vice-President attended a pro-life rally.Kellyanne Conway, special advisor to President Trump, also addressed the rally.As Catholics we should rejoice in such pro-life support from the President and his staff.

  • However, since our major focus will be on questionable activities on the part of the President and his staff, we will focus on these rather than on the good activities.


  • Let me say a word on the research done for these comments.

  • A lot of thought has gone into this matter, part of the reasons for that being stated above.

  • I have been following closely Mr. Trump’s journey to the Presidency because I am very interested in this but I also did a great deal of research that went into these comments/reflections as well.

  • Collating all these materials and being as honest as I could be was not easy to do – in fact, the opposite is true, i.e., it was very difficult to do.At times, I felt I was drowning in information (information overload) and overwhelmed by it all.

  • I needed to keep telling myself “stay with Mr. Trump’s actions and do not attack his person/personality” and that took a lot of energy.I ask now (of you and Christ) forgiveness for the times I have overlooked the Lord’s injunction of not judging!

  • I also kept reminding myself that I do not have to like the President to be able to write about what is happening in the United States today and his connection to it.And Christ kept telling me to never forget that he also is my brother and Christ’s brother.

  • And as I kept being overwhelmed by this task and getting further into it, it felt like a bad dream instead of reality in this world that needs to be faced.


    What IS Happening in the United States Today


  • Below you will find indications of what is happening in the United States today in regards to Trump’s presidency and his team of people and professionals helping him.Realize that this is only a list of some of the major elements/factors that are of interest to us and does not attempt to be any kind of a complete list – that should take volumes and volumes and time, neither of which we have.I have included enough material for our purposes without trying to claim the list is complete.

  • The list is two-fold: the first part consists of words and phrases that speak of our questions and the second part consists of some expanded material to make some of the words and phrases filled in with explanation.Overall, the two parts will give us enough material to delineate today’s problems of the Trump Presidency for our purposes as Catholic/Christian followers of Christ in our modern world.Furthermore, there is no particular order in which these elements are listed.

  • How does one use this two-fold listing, especially the first part? Consider the people who make up today’s American government and survey their actions and words and how they interact with the rest of the nation, i.e., how are they governing the country, and look to the lists to find out what a large number of people have to say about this question.The words come from my research and my observations plus the observations of many others gathered in dialogue.Since this material does not come from science or mathematics or etc., feel free to disagree with whatever you like: the major purpose of the lists is to help you and me to respond as Catholics to this important area of life as we help to re-build today’s Church according to Pope Francis’ inspired vision.


  • Here are the words and phrases for the first list:

  • too much defending of what they are doing along with a lot of thin skin when it comes to receiving valuable criticism from others;

  • coverups and a lack of transparency;

  • positions/solutions/initiatives are not thoroughly thought out enough because they are done too hastily;

  • at times the situation is like that of a weather vane which points in a certain direction and then blows in another direction when a different wind blows; if new data is brought forth by those who disagree, the vane may point to a different direction again;

  • sometimes the presentation is superficial and not sufficiently prepared to sustain real dialogue; at times it lacks clarity and shows muddling; and it may be simplistic;

  • on occasion the proposal is a contradiction of what was said or done at an earlier time; on occasion there are contradictions galore present or even double talk;

  • at times we run into incompetence and often into excuses for why something is happening or not happening; it seems that excuses are always ready at hand, e.g., the polls right before the inauguration showed that Trump’s approval by the people was the lowest for an incoming president in at least 40 years and to this, Mr. Trump stated the polls were rigged;

  • at times, it appears that con artistry is at work whereas transparency is an essential need for all governments and this is not always part of the Trump approach;

  • the American people want more civility and at times they are faced with words or actions or both that are not polite; some at times have detected meanness;

  • a lot of rancor appears in interactions with the people as well as resentment; it has also been commented that at times people experience toxicity in their interactions with this government – this is more than a new government having the usual “rough edges” all over the place!;

  • the one word you often encounter when people speak or write about this new government is that it is divisive; another way of saying this is to speak of “us and them” which is a common notion found in today’s United States unfortunately; at times people complain about the government’s stance as one of bullying and in the country today resentment among the various classes and groups is quite high;

  • the television comedy show, “Saturday Night Live,” parodies some of the above to the chagrin of the American government; their parody of Mr. Trump’s press secretary, Mr. Sean Spicer, is almost a classic at this time!;

  • after the bruising election campaign, there are plenty of wounds to heal; Mr. Trump did make a few appeals nation-wide to try to bring this about but to no success unfortunately; I wish and hope that the government will do much more because this is really needed;

  • there is a lack of dialogue regarding the way things are done, and accompanied by the frequent lack of respect, the country unfortunately will remain divided and segmented in competing groups; we all need to pray, and pray hard, to overcome these divisions;

  • wasting time on matters/things that are unimportant (in the longer run) means having less time to do things that are really important;

  • one thing that really jolted me as I did my work to prepare this material was the concept of “alternative facts” which this administration is adopting – these are really nothing but disguised lies, and the icing on the cake for me was the White House staff member who said bluntly if you tell a lie and have no intention of misleading people, you are really not telling a lie!!!;

  • it is not surprising at all, then, that many Americans see the present government as “un-American;”

  • refusal to take responsibility and at the same time blaming others when things go badly; this often takes the form of needing always to be right;

  • constant disruption (when it comes to behavior); and this allied with incompetence;

  • championing the forgotten citizens (“the little guy”) and exploiting their grievances for political purposes;

  • the use of Tea Party techniques (by Trump supporters during the campaign and now by Democrats to reduce town-hall and other meetings to chaos, e.g., a large number of people present at these meetings shouting down speakers so that they cannot speak);

  • disrespect typified in the famous Trump tweet that spoke of the “so-called judge;” this degrades the judiciary arm of government and assails the distinction there is supposed to exist between the judiciary and executive arms of government;

  • disdain for convention and tradition;

  • President Trump knows business and corporations well but he is lacking in an economics understanding need for international situations and their handling (The Economist labels this his “dodgy economics”);

  • “tolerance and inclusion is selectively applied” (The Interim) by President Trump’s government;

  • the emphasis is on process-policy rather than on people and hence altruism is lacking;

  • and etc., etc.; contrary to all appearances, the above listing is not exhaustive!


  • In order to be fair, we need to observe that President Trump thinks out loud!And so he should be able to change his mind on things but the question remains: is such a habit a virtue or a (political) vice?





  • Appended to this consortium letter are the reflections of Brother John Cline, C.R., who is on our Provincial Council and who is a writer for Celebrating the Word (reflections on our Sunday Eucharistic Scriptural Readings).They are shared with you to help you read the signs of the times as a modern Catholic: use them for your own reflections.My thanks to Brother John for his permission to use this material by the Consortium.

  • Please pray for the world and its needs as you discern these needs from Brother John’s reflections.Thank you.


    May God continue to bless us all through this new year of 2017 as we continue the work of the Risen One into Whose Family and Mission we have been baptized.  Amen!


    Father Fred Scinto, C.R.,

    Resurrection Ministries,

    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


    (519-885-4370 or toll free 1-877-242-7935)








                                                                                                    February 1, 2017










Fellow Resurrectionists

Text Box:

Brother John Cline C.R. rightly challenges all of us to be more radical ambassadors for Peace and Justice for all.  Let’s begin a deepening conversation on his matter.  Write/ e-mail a response to me as to John’s challenge and we will network it to the rest of our membership.  Perhaps, you have an idea what individual and communal action we might take.  I look forward to hearing from you.




Murray C.R.



We believe that God calls us to work together for the resurrection of society, bringing his life and love to all: through our personal witness, through ourwitness of our life in community, and through our community apostolates,...

(Charism Statement)


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Hi Murray,


Recent national, international, and global events, I believed, are an invitation and challenge to religious communities to exercise their gift of and responsibility to their prophetic mission.


Now is the time to especially reinforce gospel values in societies being assaulted by suspicion, mistrust and fear. Not only have indigenous peoples and minorities been subject to long standing injustices, we experience daily a broader growing suspicion, mistrust, phobias, prejudices, racism, and most disturbingly, radicalism. Societies are threatened by division from within or an opportunity to come together.


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These negative attitudes are also increasingly bringing into question international relationships and sowing suspicion and mistrust. Co-operation and mutual treaties are on shaky ground. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists organization recently advanced the Doomsday Clock by a full thirty seconds. Unprecedented!




Doomsday Clock now 2 ½ minutes to midnight!





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Now is the time for bold promotion of gospel values and demand respect, inclusivity, welcome, and charity for all citizens of our common home. Now is the time for denominational leaders to speak with a unifying voice.




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As a religious community I believe we ought to encourage our bishop, the CCCB, our pastors, CR community leaders in local, provincial, and general levels to speak out sooner rather than later. Hopefully they are planning this now for all for whom they are spiritual leaders.




Prayer for Christian Unity increasingly must include social harmony, nationally and internationally.