Becoming a Resurrectionist or a Lay Associate


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Lay Associate

Our new Lay Associate Program is growing in membership out of a desire from Resurrectionists to have more collaboration with lay people and respond to their desire to have a deeper lived experience of "Resurrecting Society." This exciting new program is called "Apostles of the Resurrection".

As Resurrectionists we invite lay people to live out their vocation to holiness by sharing in our Resurrectionist spirituality, and to work with us for the resurrection of society by embracing our Charism and Mission in their everyday lives. In order to commit himself or herself more fully, a lay person may wish to become our Lay Associate – an Apostle of the Resurrection.

On December 9th, on the commemoration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 17 men and women renewed their one year commitment as Apostles of the Resurrection during a special Mass at Resurrection College in Waterloo. We were also pleased to welcome four new Apostles. Several Apostles were unable to attend the ceremony but will renew their commitment at the next gathering.



Following the Mass and commitment service, a short meeting was held to elect lay representatives to the Congregation’s Steering Committee of the Apostles of the Resurrection.  This committee will be responsible for dealing with business items such as setting the dates of the large group gatherings and recruiting people to organize those gatherings, as well as following up on vision and mission items such as those that surfaced at the 2019 Provincial Chapter of the Resurrectionists. The committee is being expanded to include four Professed Resurrectionists and four Apostles of the Resurrection. Dee Sproule and Lois Peterson had previously agreed to remain on the committee.  Two other Apostles will serve on this committee.

Rome, June 28 – July 4, 2020

The Congregation of the Resurrection is calling for representatives from all their lay associations around the world to gather together at the Generalate in Rome this coming June. According to Superior General, Fr. Paul Voisin, CR, the lay associations are “in keeping with the life of Janski’s house in Paris, and their outreach to like-minded individuals to share in their life and work.” The purpose of the gathering will be to help the lay associates deepen their appropriation of the Resurrectionist charism and spirituality. Fr. Paul hopes that a “How To” booklet can be developed at the gathering “that can be applied to each jurisdiction to promote, form and accompany lay associates.” Fr. Raphael Ma, CR will attend, along with two Apostles. Representatives will be chosen in the coming months.

Want more information on this dynamic group?

Our “Apostles Handbook” which includes all of the important details regarding this special program, is available for downloading HERE.  

Copies of this handbook are available in all of our CR parishes and at future meetings (as well as mailed out upon request)

If you would like to know more about the "Apostles of the Resurrection" you are welcome to attend any or all of our 2019 meetings – view the 2019 schedule  or contact us for more details.

You can download the Application Form and the Pastoral Reference Letter HERE.

St. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of the Apostles of the Resurrection, pray for us!