Becoming a Lay Associate

Our new Lay Associate Program is growing in membership out of a desire from Resurrectionists to have more collaboration with lay people and respond to their desire to have a deeper lived experience of "Resurrecting Society." This exciting new program is called "Apostles of the Resurrection".

As Resurrectionists we invite lay people to live out their vocation to holiness by sharing in our Resurrectionist spirituality, and to work with us for the resurrection of society by embracing our Charism and Mission in their everyday lives. In order to commit himself or herself more fully, a lay person may wish to become our Lay Associate – an Apostle of the Resurrection.

On Saturday, February 10th,  the Apostles of the Resurrection gathered with CR priests at St. Joseph’s Parish in Hamilton.  We began with a Liturgy of the Word led by Fr. Michal Kruszewski, C.R. which flowed into a talk by Fr. Dan Lobsinger, C.R. 

Fr. Dan focused on the 8th Principle of Resurrectionist Spirituality, “Mary: Our Model and Mother”.  He stated that Mary is our model for all we are to BE and DO.  This is important because first we have to accept, as Mary did, who God is calling us to be.  Mary shows us how to trust in God’s call, even when it seems impossible or way too risky.  Once we have accepted who God wants us to be, then Mary models what we should do.  The great love that God has for each of us forms us and fills us.  Then, as Mary showed in her care for her cousin Elizabeth, in her care for her Son and His apostles, God’s love should spill over on all those in our lives.  So Mary shows us how to BE God’s love, and DO according to God’s love.  
Fr. Dan also spoke about the great Marian Feasts throughout the liturgical year, and how celebrating these feasts can relate to our lives.  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception reminds us that, like Mary, we are created in God’s image.  In the spirit of thanksgiving, we are called to ponder how God has blessed each of us, how has He created us in His image?  The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows reminds us that, in each painful moment in our lives, God is with us.  When Mary was faced with the devastating loss of her Son she turned to God for consolation and strength.  How have moments of pain moulded us to rely on God?  The Solemnity of the Assumption celebrates Mary being taken, body and soul, into heaven.  Here is the ultimate reward for the humblest of God’s servants.  Mary shows us that the truly greatest people are those who make themselves vulnerable to others, who embrace each person with love. How can we do this?
Fr. Dan’s talk left us with much to ponder and discuss as we adjourned to the hall for lunch.  We all look forward to these sessions, and especially the time to share views and learn from each other!  May the next formation session, at St. Joseph’s in Brantford on April 28, continue this spirit of collaboration and growing together in God’s life-giving love.”

On Saturday, March 10th Alice Soeder, an Apostle of the Resurrection will facilitate “Seeing the Word” A Lenten Retreat.  This mini retreat will take 1 to 1 1/2 hours and will focus on the Crucifixion illumination and passage.  This retreat will begin at 10 a.m. at Resurrection College, 265 Westmount Road North, Waterloo. All members of the Congregation of the Resurrection, including Professed Members, Apostles and those considering the Apostolate are welcome to attend this retreat.  Please RSVP Alice at 

Our “Apostles Handbook” which includes all of the important details regarding this special program, is available for downloading HERE.  

Copies of this handbook are available in all of our CR parishes and at future meetings (as well as mailed out upon request)

If you would like to know more about the "Apostles of the Resurrection" you are welcome to attend any or all of our 2018 meetings - download our 2018 Meeting Schedule HERE, or contact us for more details.

You can download the Application Form and the Pastoral Reference Letter HERE.

St. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of the Apostles of the Resurrection, pray for us!