Becoming a Lay Associate

Our new Lay Associate Program is growing in membership out of a desire from Resurrectionists to have more collaboration with lay people and respond to their desire to have a deeper lived experience of "Resurrecting Society." This exciting new program is called "Apostles of the Resurrection".

As Resurrectionists we invite lay people to live out their vocation to holiness by sharing in our Resurrectionist spirituality, and to work with us for the resurrection of society by embracing our Charism and Mission in their everyday lives. In order to commit himself or herself more fully, a lay person may wish to become our Lay Associate – an Apostle of the Resurrection.

On Saturday, December 8th our Apostles of the Resurrection gathered at Resurrection College in St. Eugene’s Chapel for their annual promise ceremony on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Newly professed Deacon Raphael Ma, C.R. gave the homily, of which excerpts are noted below:

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a special occasion for the Church around the world.  In some countries, it’s even a holy day of obligation.  But for us Resurrectionists, Apostles, and soon to be Apostles, it is extra special, because this feast is directly connected to Resurrectionist Spirituality, and for that reason, to our identity.

In the Resurrectionist tradition, there are three Marian feasts which are considered feasts of our community – the Assumption, Our Lady of Sorrows, and today’s solemnity, the Immaculate Conception.  And this is no accident.  For those of you who are familiar with the 8 principles of Resurrectionist Spirituality – which can be found in this handy Apostles of the Resurrection handbook that I hope you have all received – the 8th principle is that Mary is our Model and Mother.  Among other things, Resurrectionist Spirituality is about sharing, even in this life, in all aspects of the Paschal Mystery of Christ – Jesus’ Passion, Death, AND Resurrection.  And from this perspective, it becomes clear that these three feasts, of Mary’s Bodily Assumption, of her Sorrowful Compassion, and of her Immaculate Conception, are celebrations of how Mary, as our model, shared in the Paschal Mystery of her Son. 

I think it is providential that the two feast days of the Apostles of the Resurrection are July 22nd, the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, and today, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.  Mary Magdalene I think represents the mission of the Apostles of the Resurrection, to go out and witness to the Resurrection, that Jesus is alive, and the difference that it makes.  But the Blessed Virgin Mary I think represents the spirituality of the Apostles of the Resurrection, and really the spirituality of every disciple of Christ – whether we take perpetual vows, or make promises that we renew every year – “Here am I, the servant of the Lord.  Let it be done to me according to your word… even though I don’t know exactly how this is going to work out.”       

So it is fitting to begin again by having our Apostles renew their promises today, or to begin for the first time by having our three new Apostles make their promises on this special feast day.

Want more information on this dynamic group?

Our “Apostles Handbook” which includes all of the important details regarding this special program, is available for downloading HERE.  

Copies of this handbook are available in all of our CR parishes and at future meetings (as well as mailed out upon request)

If you would like to know more about the "Apostles of the Resurrection" you are welcome to attend any or all of our 2019 meetings – the 2019 schedule is yet to be determined but will be posted once it becomes finalized or contact us for more details.

You can download the Application Form and the Pastoral Reference Letter HERE.

St. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of the Apostles of the Resurrection, pray for us!