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Lay Associate

Our new Lay Associate Program is growing in membership out of a desire from Resurrectionists to have more collaboration with lay people and respond to their desire to have a deeper lived experience of "Resurrecting Society." This exciting new program is called "Apostles of the Resurrection".

As Resurrectionists we invite lay people to live out their vocation to holiness by sharing in our Resurrectionist spirituality, and to work with us for the resurrection of society by embracing our Charism and Mission in their everyday lives. In order to commit himself or herself more fully, a lay person may wish to become our Lay Associate – an Apostle of the Resurrection.

On March 7th, the Apostles of the Resurrection gathered at St. Francis Church in Kitchener, along with members of the Congregation of the Resurrection. The purpose of the gathering was to choose delegates to attend the conference of Resurrectionist lay associations in Rome that was to be held at the end of June, 2020. At the start of the session, it was announced that because of the coronavirus, the conference will be postponed until at least the Fall.

Discernment regarding the choosing of delegates included participation in the Mass of the Holy Spirit, deliberately chosen in order to help the discernment of those hoping to attend the conference. Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, CR presided and preached at the Mass. After Mass, the Apostles were asked to continue their discernment, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, about whether they felt they were being called to attend the conference as a representative of the Apostles. Dee Sproule provided more questions to help the Apostles discern whether they possessed the gifts necessary to be effective delegates. They were asked, through personal reflection and prayer, to examine their hearts, listen to the promptings of the Spirit, think of their brother and sister Apostles, and strive to respond to the call of the Risen Lord.

After a time of discernment each Apostle was given a piece of paper. Each was asked either to print his/her name on the paper to be included as a potential delegate to the conference, or to leave the paper blank if he/she did not feel called to attend. All were asked to place the papers in a basket. Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, CR drew the pieces of paper out of the basket and these were read by Fr. Raphael Ma, CR.  The names of Bob Sproule and Wanda Cakebread were chosen, and they will be the delegates for the conference. Dee Sproule and Annabel Quinn were chosen as alternates, in case Bob or Wanda are not able to attend.

As part of our morning session, five Apostles who had been unable to attend the December commitment ceremony renewed their promises for one year before Fr. Murray McDermott, CR, Provincial Superior – Ed Chrzanowski, Ron Gotkowski, Martin Pandzich, Alice Soeder, and Vanda Verheyden.

The next formation session is scheduled for April 25th at 10:00 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish in Brantford, [however, in light of COVID-19 developments this may also need to be postponed.] Dee Sproule distributed questions regarding the upcoming conference to be considered before the next session. The Apostles were asked to spend time reflecting on their time with the organization of Lay Apostles and to share this at the next meeting in order to help the delegates prepare for the conference. Questions regarding topics that will be discussed at the conference were also given for reflection.

The Mass and selection of delegates was followed by a delicious meal of chili, prepared by Fr. Tim Uniac, CR.

Want more information on this dynamic group?

Our “Apostles Handbook” which includes all of the important details regarding this special program, is available for downloading HERE.  

Copies of this handbook are available in all of our CR parishes and at future meetings (as well as mailed out upon request)


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If you would like to know more about the "Apostles of the Resurrection" you are welcome to attend any or all of our meetings – view the 2020 schedule  or contact us for more details.

You can download the Application Form and the Pastoral Reference Letter HERE.

St. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of the Apostles of the Resurrection, pray for us!