Raphael Ma, C.R. is Ordained as a Transitional Deacon

December 13, 2018

Raphael Ma, C.R., his family and many many friends and well wishers gathered together at St. Francis Parish for this exciting time in Raph's journey towards priesthood!  Below are pictures from this memorable event!

Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R. preached and performed the ordination.

The Book of Gospels is presented to Raph.

Deacon Raphael Ma, C.R., Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R. and Deacon Gary Johnson


Raph giving communion

A proud and memorable moment on his journey to priesthood!

Well wishers

Raphael Ma with friends Mrs. & Mrs. Pat & Rita Morgan - Parishioners from St. Anthony Daniel Parish

Raphael Ma with his proud father.

Congratulations Raph. We are so blessed to have you in our community.