Apostles of the Resurrection Gathering - Saturday, October 19th, 2019

October 28, 2019

The Apostles of the Resurrection gathered with several Resurrectionists on Oct. 19th at St. Joseph Parish, Hamilton.

We began our morning with a prayer service in the church, sitting together at the base of the stairs into the sanctuary. 

Our focal point was a rough cross made of twigs. Martin read from 1st Corinthians 1:12-27, where Paul reminds us that we are all blessed with different gifts and when we share those gifts with one another we form the body of Christ. Fr. Toby expanded this to acknowledge that there is great suffering in our world, that each member of Christ’s body experiences suffering and it is easy to feel weighed down by it all. But Christ, by His cross, took that weight on His shoulders. We were each invited to take a ribbon and write on it the suffering that weighs us down, whether we ourselves are suffering, or a loved one, or a situation we are aware of, etc.  Once we had written on our ribbon we brought them, one by one, to the cross.  We tied our sufferings to the cross of Jesus, so that He might bear them for us.  We completed our time of prayer with petitions and a hymn to Mary, our Gentle Mother.

After our prayer we were blessed to have a presentation from David Dayler, Director of Discipleship & Parish Life for the Diocese of Hamilton. David spoke more to us about the Blessed Virgin Mary, about how she is our guide on our journey to holiness, and our advocate. 

We first discussed Mary, Undoer of Knots. David spoke about how Eve, in her disobedience, tied a knot of suffering for the human race, but Mary, in her grace, untied it.  Mary can help us untie the knots of suffering and challenge in our lives by taking our prayers to her Son.  To illustrate this, each of us was given a string to represent our life.  As music played we meditated on the struggles and challenges in our lives, and tied a knot for each one into our life string.  Some knots were bigger, some smaller, some grouped together, others on their own.  Each person’s knots were different, but the beauty of Mary is that she knows our knots and as a loving mother she will help us untie them. 

Finally David explored with us Mary’s role of advocate at the Wedding at Cana. There she noticed the wedding host’s problem even before he did, and brought this problem to her son Jesus.  Jesus’ words, “Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come.” (John 2:4) may seem harsh to our modern ears.  But Jesus was warning his mother, that if He was to do this miracle that she asked of Him, He would no longer simply be her son, but His ministry would begin and would ultimately lead to great suffering for her.  We explored many more details from the wedding at Cana, through a video presentation and group discussion. 

It was an insightful gathering, finished with a lovely lunch provided by the ladies of the parish.  May Mary continue to help us undo the knots in our lives by advocating for us to Jesus. Until we all meet again, peace.