Eighth Sunday In Ordinary Time - In God We Trust - Don't We? - Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

February 27, 2017

A little boy was standing at the edge of the beach.  It was very evident that he wanted to go into the water.  A lady was watching the little boy, wondering why he didn’t go into the water.  She watched him.  The lady came over to him, and asked why he didn’t go into the water.  The lad asked her if she had gone to Church this day.  Yes, she had.  Did she listen to the Homily?  Yes, yes, she did.  Did she put some money in the basket?  Why was he asking all these questions?  Then it became clear – he wanted someone he trusted to hold his money while he was in the water.  She was the trustworthy one.


On the currency from the U.S.A. we read – “In God We Trust.” Trust God – all others pay cash!


Where do we find trust today in our lives?  Who do we trust?  Who trusts us?  Love is so precious.  Do we take it for granted?  It comes in so many ways – our families, our work, our daily life.  I watched a trapeze artist at the circus.  How could she do that feat?  Her answer was simple – I trusted Dad.  The smile on her face came from the loving trust that they showed her.


Let’s go back a bit more. People over hundreds of years have trusted in God in so many ways – the hurts, the joys, the dreams.  How did they respond?  They knew God’s love.  He was and is always with us.  Do I take God for granted?  Where do I see God?  Where do I take him for granted? So often we are judged by whom we know and if we do not know anyone!  We judge ourselves by what we have.  How much do you really need? We are judged by what we are.  Does God call me by the name to which I belong?  Or are we the face of God – God trusts us to carry out his love, forgiveness and faith.  To whom today have I shown someone who God is? God trusts us. “I don’t call you, you servants anymore; I call you friends for you have shared in my love.”  All right now, love one another as I love you.


Another thought: Jesus says we can’t play around with wealth and faith.   His comment: Do not let your hearts be troubled – have faith (trust) in God.  Do not be afraid. So often we worry over all kinds of things – some small, some big.  Jesus invites us to trust and put our worries in him.  Often beyond the storms and the waves we find God is there to calm the storms that so often are an obstacle to peace in our hearts.  What are our worries?  Who walks with us?  A child was on a flight when a huge storm came up.  It seemed like the plane would come apart.  But the little lad was tranquil.  His seat partner asked him if he was afraid.  His answer,“No problem.”  My Dad is the pilot.  In the midst of our difficulties God is the pilot.  He is near to us.  He guides us through it all – if only we trust enough. Do we?


In God we trust.  All else is God’s freely given gift.  An old Indian man in Bolivia lived in a very poor village.  Outside his hovel was a flower box with some old cans in the bottom.  His thought was not on the old beer cans but rather on the beautiful flowers. Do we see the beautiful flowers in our homes?  Are we rich in the things that faith enriches in our life?  St. Francis (and my Dad) said that to grow something beautiful we must grow it slowly.  Do we have time each day to see and plant our “beer” cans? Do we have time to see in ourselves and others the flowers of love, compassion and hope?


Be rich, love one another as God loves us.  May this Lent be a time to live out the gifts we have and have been given to share.  Grow where you and I have been planted.  And then, the beer cans of our life will become the gifts we give back to God by what we say and do for others.  Now, we are rich!