Trinity Sunday - Sunday, June 11th, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

June 9, 2017

As we live in new awareness of God in all God’s expressions as Father, Son, and Spirit, Trinity Sunday calls me to the life of active love: love for my neighbour and community, love for my nation and for the world. There is no other path shown us by Jesus than this if we are to embody God's Trinitarian life in the world. So contemplation and action belong together, as indivisible as loving God and loving my neighbour. Our spiritual lives will deepen, our vision of God’s kingdom will expand, and the work that God has chosen for us will take on a new vitality and urgency.

A man got off at the train depot one day as a tramp. For a year he had begged on the streets. Badly in need of food, he touched a man on the shoulder and said, "Mister, please give me a dime." As soon as he saw his face, he recognized his aging father. "Don’t you know me?"he asked. His father threw his arms around his son and cried, "Oh, my son, I have found you at last! All I have is yours!" Think of it – this man was a tramp who begged for 10 cents from a man he didn’t know was his father, when for 18 years his father had been looking for his son to give him all he possessed!

Perhaps you remember the beginning of being in love with someone. In those enchanting days you couldn’t do enough for your love, and nothing they said or did got to you, and you didn’t have to watch what you said and did in response. Math was confounded. One and one equaled not two, but one. The blessed ones are those who, whether that remained true most of the time or even some of the time, grew through problems – not further apart but closer together. Perhaps you know an old couple who have grown so close, they even begin to look alike. They anticipate what their partner is going to say or do, and smile knowingly.

One time, I made a homemade kite. I used about a thousand yards of my grandmothers crochet thread for the string. I let that kite out as far as I could on that string. So far in fact, I could not even see it. But I knew it was there because I could feel it pulling on the line.If God is there speaking to your heart today, you will know it. He will pull on your strings of your heart. You may be experiencing a tugging of your heartstrings right now. Don’t allow this moment to go by without saying yes to Jesus!

Listen to this prayer:

Dearest Lord Jesus,

Savior and Friend,

Three things I pray To:

See Thee more clearly,

Love Thee more dearly,

Follow Thee more nearly,

Day by Day.

Written by St. Richard Chichester

We have been commissioned to show what real love is all about, as we are filled with the presence of God’s forgiving, restoring, compelling love. All we can reply is: “Here am I. Send me.”