4th Sunday of Advent - December 24, 2017

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Father Paul Voisin

December 18, 2017

This gospel is a great encouragement to each of us for the Feast that is upon us - the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the faith-filled response of Mary, her 'Yes' to God to be the mother of the Christ Child.  When I read this gospel in Spanish I find an interesting 'twist' to the gospel.  At the end Mary says "I am the handmaid of the Lord".  What a beautiful, almost medieval, image of a young lady.  However, in the Spanish the words of Mary are "I am the slave of the Lord".  Quite a difference!  No one wants to be a slave, with all that we associate with that word.  However Mary was putting herself completely at the disposal of God's will, giving up her own plans and dreams to fulfill the prophecies of the Hebrew Scriptures that she heard in the synagogue.  Are we willing to be a 'slave' of the Lord, like Mary, for the salvation of the world?