Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Father Fred Scinto

January 15, 2019

     We are now in that part of the Church’s liturgical calendar that is called “Ordinary Time.”  This does not mean this part of the liturgical calendar is less important than other parts: what it does mean is that it does not have the specific focus that other parts have, e.g., doing penance in Lent or Christ’s Resurrection at Easter Time.  One other observation here.  I am privileged to be able to attend and celebrate Mass every day: if I am not careful, I can begin to take Eucharist for granted (do recall the old adage that familiarity breeds contempt). Obviously I (and others) would never be contemptuous about the Mass but we can very easily become so accustomed to going to Mass that we take it for granted and not realize the fabulous gift and grace that It is!

     Here is a suggestion to deal with this.  When going to Mass, get there early enough, e.g. 5-10 minutes before It starts and do three simple things.  Remind yourself what the Mass really is – a beautiful powerful impactive co-mingling of God and ourselves whereby we consume Divinity in Communion! Wow! Secondly, thank God for your being present at such a tremendous undeserved gift!

     And thirdly/lastly, prepare yourself to celebrate such Communion with God and your brothers and sisters by taking a quick look at the Scripture readings of the upcoming Mass.  When we do this for today, we note the following:  The First Reading derives from the Prophet Isaiah, the pre-eminent prophet of the Hebrew Testament.  This delightful passage proclaims how magnificent it will be for us as God’s chosen people when God vindicates us as His/Her chosen people. How? By the coming of Christ to us! Paul in the Second Reading reminds us that we all have great gifts to be used for the “common good”. Identify your gifts and ask the Holy Spirit to help you use them for the “common good.” Today’s Gospel is about the wedding feast of Cana. Much good food for thought here but here focus on Christ’s loving desire for the dignity of people in trouble (the hosting people who ran out of wine – a very humiliating situation in this culture!). God totally and always loves us! Rejoice in that and “declare the marvelous works of the Lord among all peoples.”