15th Sunday In Ordinary Time - Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Father Paul Voisin

July 9, 2019

Who is my neighbour?  This question often haunts followers of Jesus, as we realize more and more what it means to be brothers and sisters of one another, united in Christ.  The Samaritan was the last person expected to help the stricken Jew, since their tribes were not united.  There was dis-trust between them, but here is the Samaritan caring for the Jew.  He shows us what compassion looks like.  Compassion means ‘to suffer with’.  The other two, who as Jews were more obliged to help, had only pity, keeping their distance (so as not to be made unclean by contact with blood).  Sometimes in our families and among our friends we may be called to show compassion, but are only willing to show pity.  This compassion may, at times, mean only sitting in silence with the other, without any magical answers, whereas other times it may mean active and generous service.  Be a Samaritan!