7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, February 23, 2020

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Father Fred Scinto

February 19, 2020


Today, we are in the part of the Liturgical Year that is known as “Ordinary Time.”  Be sure to understand the word “ordinary” correctly and not somehow negatively.  This word here does not mean less important than other parts or sections of the Liturgical Year like Easter Time or Advent or _____________, that emphasize and are centred on the central aspects of our Faith like the Resurrection (Easter) or Christ’s Coming (Advent). “Ordinary Time” is more general in its approach but it is not a “second-class” part of the liturgical calendar!  Always keep this in mind when we are in the Ordinary Time sections of our liturgical calendar! Thank you.


This Sunday highlights and focuses on the love that is to be found at the CENTRE of our lives because we are serious followers of the Risen One.  This love is so deep and spectacular that we cannot reach or generate it on our own: it is purely grace.  It, in fact, really is God’s love in action in us and through us.  Here we incarnate God’s love for everyone and everything that exists.

So, “God’s love… is selfless, forgiving and unconditional.  Such love has called all creation into being, is ongoing, redemptive and life-giving. Such a love seeks the salvation of all.” (Christine Mader, comment for this Sunday in Living with Christ).

Note below how often the love theme appears in today’s liturgical texts:

“O Lord, I trust in your merciful love” (Entrance Antiphon from Psalm 12);

(By implication) “We may carry out in both word and deed that which is pleasing to you” (from Collect/Opening Prayer);

“You shall love your neighbour as  yourself” (First Reading from Leviticus);

“The Lord is…abounding in steadfast love” (Responsorial Psalm from Psalm 103);

“Whoever obeys the word of Christ, grows perfect in the love of God” (Gospel Acclamation from 1 John);

And “Love your neighbour…Love your enemies” (Gospel).

With the above powerful Scripture texts, it is easy to draw up the Prayer of the Faithful, e.g., “for us, God’s holy people, challenged to love our enemies, we pray to the Lord” (see the “Prayer of the Faithful” for this Sunday in the missalette, Living With Christ, February 2020).

Let us now clear the clutter about love in our minds that you and I have picked up from our culture: our life is not a movie! Love in our lives is the universal grace of God’s love for each and all of us. So the Gospel of Christ asks us to love and to spread true love elsewhere and everywhere.

In all this, be sure to love yourself in the process: this is not as easy as we think and our Faith is very helpful here.Also love all others in your life and do not forget to love God in return for His/Her great and amazing love for you and all of us.And do love Creation and everything in it.Love all that is and be God’s love for everything – a love that never ends! Amen!

May God continue to flood you and your life with His/Her love always!