21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, August 22, 2021

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Father Paul Voisin

August 13, 2021

Jesus continually revealed to His followers the truth that His heavenly Father wanted revealed.  Sometimes, His words were met with acceptance, and deeply touched the hearts of the listener(s), resulting often in a ‘change of course’ in their life.  However, other times His words were met with scorn and rejection, people turning away from Him, and leaving His company.  The disciples were constantly challenged to understand and believe.  Our First Reading also challenges us with the words, “whom do you wish to serve”.  Decisions, decisions!  To be a true follower of Jesus we must accept the fullness of His revelation, not just a ‘cafeteria style’ pick and choose.  It is the life and light of Christ that we share that will illuminate us to choose well, and to follow the Lord faithfully.