Sunday Reflections

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Written by Ernie Varosi On the

Mark 1:21-28

One of the themes running through the readings for this 4th Sunday of the year is: When one genuinely encounters Jesus ones’ life changes. In other words, communicating with God in prayer and embracing the call of Jesus to follow him leads to full commitment to live the gospel.

Who are We?

Written by Paul Voisin On the

Psychologists tell us that if a child grows up hearing “You are stupid!”  “You are good for nothing!” the child will believe that, especially when it comes from an adult of confidence.  Today God the Father tells us who Jesus is, and who we are by our Baptism – “You are my son/daughter, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”  God’s love is a free gift to us, something that many struggle with, complicated by feelings (rightfully or wrongly so) of unworthiness.  Our Baptism is more than just a moment in time – captu

Baptism of the Lord

Written by Jim Valk On the

In the comic strip PEANUTS Lucy and Charlie are wondering what is wrong with Linus- at his age he should be walking, not creeping along. “Why is that?” wonders Charlie. Lucy’s answer is - let him be, once he walks he is committed for life. Once we are baptized we are committed to walk in the footsteps of the Lord. Commitment is not always a “comfortable” word, not a popular nor convenient posture to live our life. And yet, without a commitment for life, love cannot grow in our lives, in our relationships, in our daily life.


Epiphany of the Lord

Written by Ernie Varosi On the

The readings for the feast of the Epiphany underline one important religious truth: an authentic encounter with Jesus invites me to a change of heart and to travel a new road... "They left for their own country by another road." Matthew is saying that an authentic encounter with Jesus leads to a new way of being. To travel by another road means to become a new person in Christ. By contrast, Herod the Judean King, had no desire to change his life and so remained in darkness. Authentic search for truth is a transforming experience.

Christmas Day

Written by Paul Voisin On the

The Light has come

Feast of the Holy Family

Written by Jim Donohue On the

All Resurrectionists have a special interest in the Feast of the Holy Family because our mission, as Resurrectionists, is to “call others, especially youth and families, to communities of the Risen Lord in which faith, hope, and love radiate as a sign of union with Christ and his mother, Mary, in the Church” (Resurrectionist Mission Statement).   Contemplating and praying over the story of the birth of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel provides a particular way to think about how a virtue cultivated within the Holy Family might assist us in our own families. 

Hope: Changing in Anticipation

Written by Jim Donohue On the

Like all Christians, the Resurrectionists are able to accomplish this mission because they hope that God has the power and will to bring about, in us, new life from suffering and death.   We see this theme in each of our readings this 2nd weekend of Advent.