Sunday Reflections

Fifth Sunday of Easter

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Father Ernie Varosi

May 1, 2015

The readings today underline the importance of our relationship to Christ and how that can be transforming. Thus, as we read in Acts, Paul, because he was honest, embraced the truth about Jesus and, through the intervention of Barnabas, was embraced by the Christian community and began to boldly proclaim the truth about Jesus.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

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Father Jim Donohue

April 23, 2015

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

One of the most beautiful images that Jesus gives us of himself in John’s gospel is that he is the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep, calls them by name, and is willing to lay down his life for them (John 10: 11).

Second Sunday of Easter - Live Outside the Box

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Father Jim Valk

April 15, 2015


Emma won some ‘gift’ money. She decided to have a Spring make-over  So diets, hairdos, new wardrobe, wrinkles out and so on. She couldn’t wait to show her husband. However, on the way home, running through traffic, she was hit by a bus - Gone! When she awoke, she was in heaven. Jesus looked at her, puzzled. Who was she? Then, he got it “Emma, is that you?”

First Sunday of Easter

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Father Ernie Varosi

April 9, 2015

The readings for this second Sunday of Easter confront us with the effort of these first followers of Jesus struggling to come to faith and to embrace the truth and implications of Jesus’ Resurrection and what it means for them now and in the future. As the readings reveal to us, it was not an easy task. The readings also reveal the difference that Easter can and should make in Christian community life, in Christian self-understanding and in Christian faith and mission.

Good Friday

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Father Paul Voisin

March 26, 2015

On this most solemn of days we gather to remember that Jesus died for us and for our sins.  Our Liturgy today provides us with elements that move us to recognize and reflect on this act of love of God for us in the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  (1)We begin with the dramatic reading of the Passion from the Gospel of St. John, renewing in us that experience of ‘feeling present’ at these events in the suffering and death of Jesus, and of our salvation.

Passion (Palm) Sunday

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Father Ernie Varosi

March 20, 2015

 Passion narrative of Jesus suffering and death invites us to meditate deeply on the humanity of Jesus. Why so? Because it is important for us to appreciate the utter humanity of Jesus. Jesus, in his Gethsemane experience is totally human. As human as any of his followers. He. like us, completely loses his power to control the situations he/we encounters. This can happen when one completely gives himself or herself to others.