February 29

FOCAL POINT: “During Lent, it is important to teach the social consequences of sin as well as the fact that the heart of the virtue of penance is hatred of sin as an offense against God.” (Canadian Ordo)   For all benefactors of the Congregation of the Resurrection, may they be rewarded for their generosity. […]

Sts. Adalbert and George

FOCAL POINT: “By bringing about a unity of purpose and action, this vow renders our apostolic life more fruitful.” (Con. 42)   Deceased: Fr. Victor Killoran, 1993, Waterloo, Canada Fr. Stefan Psuty, 2012, Poznan, Poland   Birthdays: Fr. Adao Swatek, 1949, Brazil Fr. Jacek Junak, 1969, USA   Ordination: Fr. Jaroslaw Plaza, 2005, Poland   […]

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

FOCAL POINT: “In the same way, it strengthens the bonds of our common life.” (Con. 42)   Deceased: Fr. Benno Graf, 1986, Kitchener, Canada   That the members of the general council may be men of the spirit and demonstrate a truly universal outlook as they assist the superior general in governing the entire Congregation. […]

St. Mark the Evangelist

FOCAL POINT: “It is also a response to Christ’s invitation to share in His Paschal Mystery because when we sacrifice our will to the Father, we die to self and rise to a new life in which we accept Christ as Lord and Master.” (Con. 42)   Deceased: Fr. Jan Hempel, 1881, Zapalow, Poland Fr. […]

Our Lady of Good Council

FOCAL POINT: “Our dedication through this vow serves as a prophetic sign of the resurrected life, where the will of every person will be united to the will of God.” (Con. 42)   Deceased: Fr. Chester Chmurzynski, 2021, Waterloo, Canada   Birthdays: Fr. Zygmunt Frackowiak, 1951, Poland   Ordination: Fr. Pawel Marek Szymanowski, 2008, Poland […]

April 27

FOCAL POINT: “We strive for that perfect obedience in which we seek to do God’s will in everything.” (Con. 43)   Deceased: Fr. Edwin Michael, 1983, Chicago, USA Fr. Lorford Keasey, 2021, Fort Myers, USA   Birthdays: Fr. Thomas Kubik, 1944, USA   Ordination: Fr. Bogdan Bareja, 2002, Poland Fr. Wojciech Maliszewski, 2002, Poland   […]

Fifth Sunday of Easter

FOCAL POINT: “As our faith grows, we will come to recognize that the Holy Spirit speaks to us in many different ways: Sacred Scriptures, the Magisterium, the prescriptions of our Constitutions and Statutes, and ecclesiastical and religious Superiors.” (Con. 43)   Deceased: Fr. Stefan Pawlicki, 1916, Krakow, Poland Br. Ladislaus Rokosh, 1926, Chicago, USA Fr. […]

St. Catherine of Siena

FOCAL POINT: “The Holy Spirit speaks to us … in personal inspirations, the consensus we arrive at when we collectively seek God’s will through dialogue and house meetings.” (Con. 43)   Deceased: Fr. August Mosser, 1930, Rome, Italy Fr. Stanley Ross, 1969, Fontana, USA Fr. Frank Dentinger, 1992, Guelph, Canada Fr. Francis Grzechowiak, 2004, Des […]

Saint Marie of the Incarnation

FOCAL POINT: “The Holy Spirit speaks to us … through the demands of common life and the apostolate and the events of daily life.” (Con. 43)   Deceased: Fr. Adalbert Kmiecik, 1940, Castleton, USA Fr. Arthur Adamski, 1977, Chicago, USA Fr. Peter Lenczyk, 1977, Fontana, USA Fr. Constantin Patronov, 1991, Malko Tirnovo, Bulgaria   Birthdays: […]

St. Joseph the Worker and St. Pius V

FOCAL POINT: Our reflections on the charism of our Congregation will help us to understand the place of Mary in our history and life.   Deceased: Br. Mariano Felici, 1912, Gerano, Italy Fr. John Kosinski, 1914, Chicago, USA Fr. Henry Blaski, 1999, Des Plaines, USA   Ordination: Fr. Lucjan Krzywonos, 1974, Poland Fr. Pedro Loll, […]

St. Athanasius

FOCAL POINT: Through the intercession of Our Lady of Mentorella our Congregation receives the graces of the Mother of our Congregation.   Deceased: Fr. Vincent Barzynski, 1899, Chicago, USA Br. Pasquale Millicone, 1901, Adrianople, Bulgaria Br. August Szwaba, 1906, St. Mary, USA   Birthday: Br. Mosses Katikiro Karumbula, 1988, Tanzania   Ordinations: Fr. Janusz Gadek, […]

Sts. Philip and James

FOCAL POINT: Our Lady of Czestochowa intercedes powerfully for the members of our Polish Province, for our apostolate among Poles, and for our community.   Deceased: Fr. John Kasprzycki, 1933, Chicago, USA Fr. Frederick Arnold, 1955, Hamilton, Canada Fr. Jose Pereira Arnold, 2022, Resende, Brazil   Birthdays: Fr. Krzysztof Czerwionka, 1960, Poland Fr. Andrzej Madry, […]