St. Jane Frances de Chantal

INTENTION:   That, at local community meetings, we may support, encourage and affirm each other and call each other to conversion through a more faithful response to the values of Jesus. (Art.139)   Ordination:   Fr. Philip Justinian  , 2021, Tanzania   For our deceased brothers and benefactors, for the souls in purgatory, and For the […]

St. Maximilian Kolbe

INTENTION:   That each local House may establish a degree of order - by setting aside times for prayer, meals, relaxation, celebration and silence - to be carried out in an atmosphere of ease and flexibility, while maintaining a balance between the needs of community life and legitimate personal needs (Art.140)   Deceased:   Fr. Teofil […]

Assumption of Mary

INTENTION:   That Mary, who in Her Assumption was raised up to share in the risen life of Jesus, may be our model of all that we are called to be and do as Resurrectionists, so that we may share Her new life in the Spirit. (Art.8)   Deceased:   Br. Roman Wiśniewski  1985, Koscierzyna, Poland […]

St. Stephen of Hungry

INTENTION:   That hospitality for guests may be an important value and a way of giving witness to Christian community living; that it may be carried out in a spirit of cordiality and, at the same time, in a spirit of prudence and sensitivity to the needs of the religious in order to maintain a degree […]

St. Hyacinth

INTENTION:   That the ill and the aged may enjoy a special claim on personal and communal concerns; that the aged may always be accorded the gratitude, respect and care they deserve (Art.142)   Deceased:   Br. Cesare Projetti  , 1889, Mentorella, Italy   Birthdays:   Fr. Jacek Krzekotowski  1958, Poland Ordination:   Fr. Fábio de […]

August 18

INTENTION:  That the religious formation of members of the Congregation may always develop along the lines established by the Church, with great concern for the suitable human, spiritual, doctrinal, pastoral and professional development of the religious. (Art. 148)   Deceased:   Fr. Leszek Bonikowski  1991, Zlocieniec,  Poland First Vows:   Fr. Kazimierz Trawicki  1975, Poland   […]

St. John Eudes

INTENTION:   That the religious formation of members of the Congregation may place a strong emphasis on preserving the spirit of the Founders together with a better understanding of the Charism and Mission of the Congregation. (Art.148)   For the grace to imitate our founders, and for fidelity to our charism.   For our brothers in the […]

St. Bernard

INTENTION:, That we may continue our response to the call of Christ personally to imitate His life of chastity, poverty and obedience by a life lived in the Congregation. (Art. 149)   Deceased:   Fr. Stanisław Żelazek  1990, Poznan, Poland   Birthdays:   Fr. Roberto Cachoeira Javorski, 1963, S. A. Fr. Renato Benassi  1967, S. A. […]

St. Pius X

INTENTION:   That Formators may help those who enter religious life to understand the nature, the dignity and the importance of the call of the Lord, to identify and confirm its presence. (Art.149)   Deceased:   Fr. Władysław Miernik  1978, Krakow, Poland Fr. Robert Liddy  , 2015, Waterloo, ON,  , Canada   For our deceased brothers and […]

Queenship of Mary

INTENTION:   That we may often recall the words of Jesus: "It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you" (John 15:16). (Art.149)  Deceased:   Fr. Stanislaw Tatar  , 1979, Sulislawice, Poland First Vows:   Fr. James Link  , 1968, ON-KY Fr. Murray McDermott  1968, ON-KY   For fidelity to our charism and […]

St. Rose of Lima

INTENTION:  That we may see clearly that every call of Christ is first of all a call to personal holiness, and that religious profession contributes to an intimate, personal union with the Triune God. (Art.150)   Deceased:   Fr. Alexander Reitzel 1951, Kitchener, ON, , Canada Fr. William Graf , 1983, Waterloo, ON, , Canada Ordination: […]