First Sunday of Advent

INTENTION: That the Congregation may exercise missionary activity in those areas where there exists great spiritual and material need, focusing its activity on developing and forming the local Church into a community of faith, hope and love according to its culture. (Art.222)   Deceased:   Fr. Felix Ladon  , 1920, Chicago, USA Fr. Jan Zalesiński  […]

November 28

INTENTION:   That our Superiors will assure that religious going into the missions are well prepared for their assignment, and will encourage community members to support the men in the missions with personal interest and prayers. (Art.223)   Deceased:   Br. Joseph Osowski  1917, Chicago, USA Fr. Carl Dantzer  , 1925, Kitchener, ON,  , Canada   […]

November 29

INTENTION:   That we will have at heart the study of our Constitutions since we have obliged ourselves to live by these Constitutions and regard them as our Rule of Life. (Art.224)   Deceased: Fr. Henry Opperman  1975, Louisville, KY,  , USA, Fr. Henry Feeney , 1978, Warwick, Bermuda Fr. Joseph Samborski 1982, Chicago, USA Fr. […]

St. Andrew

INTENTION: That the loving and faithful observance of the Constitutions - not by mere attachment to the letter which kills but by loving submission to the spirit that gives life - will help us to know God's will more clearly and intimately and lead each member of the Resurrection Community to the fullness of his […]

December 1

INTENTION:   That we may continue our efforts to understand the Charism of the Congregation, itsspirituality and history.   Birthdays:   Fr. Henry Ruszel  , 1926, USA First Vows:   Fr. Marek Tomski  , 1982, Poland Ordination:   Fr. Rafał Wasilewski  2012, USA   For the Church, our Holy Father and for our local Ordinary.   […]

December 2

INTENTION:   That we recognize and accept ourselves as religious with vows which must be lived authentically, credibly, radically, prophetically and joyfully.   Deceased:   Fr. Michał Oleksy  , 1918, Zakopane, Poland Fr. Władysław Orpiszewski, 1942, Krakow, Poland   Birthdays:   Fr. Kazimierz Mikucki  1951, Poland Fr. Stanisław Jankowski  1966, USA   For our Congregation, our […]

St. Francis Xavier

INTENTION: That we will work toward having our Constitutions become a real rule of daily life.   Deceased:   Fr. William Kloepfer  1910, Guelph, ON, Canada Br. John Popko  , 1939, Chicago, USA Br. Marian Misiorny  1961, Poznan, Poland Fr. Edward Dietrich  1989, Kitchener, ON,  , Canada Fr. Joseph Palubeski  2011, Hamilton, ON,  , Canada […]

St. John Damascene

INTENTION:   That the general curia may function as a unifying force and continue to promote the awareness of our being an international Community.   Birthdays:   Fr. Christopher Buda  1949, ON-KY   Ordination:   Fr. Paul Smith  , 2010, USA   For our seminarians, novices, affiliates and aspirants.   For the conversion of sinners.   […]

December 5

INTENTION:   That we may define and develop the role of the Superior as leader and spiritual animator.   Deceased:   Fr. Bruno Ostrega  , 1986, Chicago, USA   Birthdays:   Fr. Bartłomiej Gzella  1973, Poland   For those who have commended themselves to our prayers, and those for whom we have promised to pray.   […]

St. Nicholas

INTENTION:   That we may provide affirmation and support for our Superiors at each level of Community life.   Deceased:   Fr. Andrew Spetz  , 1918, St. Louis, MO,  , USA Br. Jan Opanowicz  , 1950, Rome, Italy Fr. Tadeusz Sikorski   1981, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fr. Stephen Gira  , 2010, St. Louis, MO,  , USA   […]

St. Ambrose

INTENTION: That we may be able to preserve and promote trust and communication at every level of Community life.   Deceased: Cl. Andrzej Piasecki  1898, San Francisco,  , CA, USA   Birthdays: Fr. Andrzej Gieniusz 1958, Poland Fr. Lesław Ogryzek 1960, Poland Fr. Marcin Paca , 1984, Poland First Vows: Fr. Adam Otrębski  , 1985, […]

Immaculate Conception

INTENTION:   That, for all the members of the Congregation, Mary may be the model of all that we are called to be and do as Resurrectionists. (Charism statement)   Deceased:   Fr. Józef Żabówka  , 2020, Łomianki,   , Poland   Birthdays:   Fr. Adam Ferenc  , 1961, Poland   First Vows:   Fr. Henry Ruszel  […]