March 27

FOCAL POINT: “In forming this conviction , we will weigh our personal needs and the needs of our apostolate against the call of our vocation to imitate the poverty of Christ.” (Con. 22)   Deceased: Fr. Andrzej Paszkiewicz, 1932, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Fr. Michael Weiler, 1970, Detroit, USA Fr. Piotr Kobus, 1975, Krakow, Poland   Birthdays: […]

March 28

FOCAL POINT: “Our imitation of Christ’s poverty gives witness that we are indeed seeking God above all things, and that we value spiritual goods above material good.” (Con. 22)   Deceased: Fr. Isidor Georgiev, 1909, Malko Tirnovo, Bulgaria Br. Giovanni Cinti, 1929, Rome, Italy Fr. John Obyrtacz, 1935, Chicago, USA Fr. Jan Zdechlik, 1940, Rome, […]

March 29

FOCAL POINT: “In our practice of interior poverty, which was commended so highly by Christ, we grow ever more aware that our possessions, out talents and our very being have been given to us by God, and that we are completely dependent on Him.” (Con. 22)   Deceased: Fr. Stanislaw Szyller, 1905, Adrianopel, Bulgaria Fr. […]

March 30

FOCAL POINT: “We are stewards of all that God has given us, and therefore we give of ourselves generously in service to the people of God.” (Con. 22)   Ordination: Fr. Adriano Ciminelli, 1963, Italy Fr. David Mowat, 1963, Canada   For the Church and our Holy Father. For those seeking employment. For peace in […]

March 31

FOCAL POINT: “After our profession of evangelical poverty, whatever we obtain through our work, our own personal efforts, or in the name of the Congregation becomes community property.” (Con. 23)   Deceased: Fr. Stanislaw Paduch, 1906, Krakow, Poland Fr. Jan Czekaj, 1939, Rome, Italy Fr. Franciszek Wilemski, 1939, Poznan, Poland Fr. Louis Batte, 1991, Waterloo, […]

April 1

FOCAL POINT: “We should be convinced that the faithful observance of poverty is an important factor contributing to the joyful experience of common life.” (Con. 23)   Deceased: Br. Ignacy Cieliczka, 1969, Vienna, Austria Fr. Joseph Germanov, 1969, Bulgaria Fr. Ryszard Dabek, 2017, Zlocieniec, Poland   For our local communities as they share their Christian […]

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

FOCAL POINT: “Although the Congregation has the right to possess goods, nevertheless, by its corporate poverty it will give evidence that it is poor in spirit and in fact.” (Con. 23)   Deceased: Br. Michele Jafrate, 1905, Adrianople, Bulgaria Br. Adalabert Goralski, 1917, Chicago, USA Fr. Kazimierz Pieniazek, 1940, Palmiry, Poland Fr. Bronislaus Lazarowicz, 1951, […]

Holy Week – April 3

FOCAL POINT: “In the practice of poverty, the Congregation will be guided by the values of the Gospel as well as by the nature and needs of its apostolates.” (Con. 24)   Deceased: Cl. Michal Barylak, 1889, Adrianople, Bulgaria   That interest in our community charism may lead us to a more intense study and […]

Holy Week – April 4

FOCAL POINT: “We will use temporal goods to benefit the people of God, especially the poor and needy.” (Con. 24)   Ordination: Fr. Jan Tyminski, 1971, Poland   For our superiors on the general, provincial and regional level, especially for our local superior. For vocations to the Congregation of the Resurrection. For peace in the […]

Holy Week – April 5

FOCAL POINT: “Jesus came to proclaim the good news to the poor, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to free the oppressed, to comfort the afflicted and to forgive the sinner.” (Con. 25)   Deceased: Br. Beniamino DeLuca, 1914, Rome, Italy Fr. Kazimierz Wojcik, 1951, Rome, Italy Fr. Francis Uzdrowski, 1987, Chicago, USA […]

Holy Thursday

FOCAL POINT: “Since our Congregation shares in the mission of Jesus, we are called to respond to these same needs through our ministry and through the use of our material good.” (Con. 25)   Deceased: Fr. Gregory Palubicki, 1972 Milwaukee, USA   Ordination: Fr. Gabriel Koch, 2002, Poland   For the grace to be aware […]

Good Friday

FOCAL POINT: “We will assess regularly our apostolic commitments to determine whether our ministry is guided by the priorities that Jesus established for His ministry.” (Con. 25)   Deceased: Fr. Franciszek Palys, 1929, Lwow, Poland Fr. Tadeusz Olejniczak, 1933, Rome, Italy Deacon Philip Tremblay, 2020, Kitchener, Canada   That love for God, for one another, […]