"Those who believe in the Risen One have the courage to go forth and bring to others the Good News of the resurrection.
How many people are waiting for this joyful proclamation!"

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Lent is a Gift

It’s easy for us to think of Lent as something we do “for” God, or as something we “have” to do as Catholic Christians.  And one of the reasons is that we think in principle, we are supposed to do everything by ourselves – including our Lenten observances, whatever they may happen to be this year.

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"Convinced of God's unconditional love for us, we herald the liberation and salvation of each person and society as a passage from death to life in which every situation of evil and injustice will be overcome."

"Risen in order to enable others to rise, set free in order to bring freedom to others, born to new life in order to bring new life to birth in everyone who crosses our path: this is your vocation and mission."

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