Request a Prayer

Many of our members are retired and because they are not as active in ministry as they were at one time, have chosen to spend much more time in prayer. Our active members also spend time every day in prayer. We are very happy to pray for your needs. If you share them with us in this form below, they will be confidential. If you choose to allow them to be public, then many other people in the world who view this website will pray as well. Your name and contact information will be kept absolutely private in every case.

Your petitions will be remembered in our daily prayer and also in a weekly Eucharist celebrated at Resurrection Manor in Waterloo, attended by several of our priests and brothers. The prayer requests will be left on our lists for a month, after which you are welcome to please request again if you still wish prayers. Members of our Lay Association, the Apostles of the Resurrection, will also be joining us in praying for your intentions.

Thank you for letting us share our ministry and our care with you, your family and friends.

Prayer Request Form