Like many other religious communities we, too, are engaged in various ministries that reflect our charism and mission. Since we believe that God calls us to work together for the resurrection of society our primary apostolates have always been parish work and teaching.

In our parishes through preaching, working with young people, retreats, sacramental ministry, spiritual direction and various other ministries we invite people on a daily basis to be transformed for the better. By aligning our lives with Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection (also known as the Paschal Mystery), we find that the power of Christ’s love gives us hope and always leads us to new life. For us, this movement from death to new life is the resurrection of society. This movement is then lived out by anyone who wants to participate in our charism of hope.

Education is the second primarily apostolate which brings transformation. Through educating students with a genuine care for their entire being and future, we have helped form Christian leaders who are deeply in love with, and excited about, their faith. Their enthusiasm and willingness to personally enter into the Paschal Mystery enables them to resurrect society too.

In addition to parish ministry and education, we also remain open to other forms of ministry in response to words given to our General Chapter by of Pope Pius IX in 1850: “Organize yourselves in a way that will do the most good for the Church.” And so even today you will find our priests, brothers, and deacons working in such ministries as social work, spiritual direction, counselling, administration, hospital chaplaincy, retreat directors, missionary activity, vocations, writing, and various ministries in Canadian and ethnic parishes (mostly Polish, but also German, Italian, Spanish and French).

Here are some examples of the various apostolates of our Canadian members.