Mission: Tanzania!

Follow along as Fr. Jim shares his experience on his new assignment for our Resurrectionist mission in Tanzania!

Buhemba Parish Welcomes Fr. Evandro Part 1

It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive between the parish in Butiama and the parish in Buhemba. It seems that word spread quickly that we were returning to the Buhemba parish for a few days. We had a great “informal” greeting at the gate!

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Fr. Evandro Visits Morogoro: Part 1

Early in the new year, Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R., our Superior General in Rome, contacted me about the possibility of coming to Tanzania for a short visit with our new Econ General, Mr. Francesco Ruspoli.

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Christmas in Butiama & Buhemba 6

I ended the last blog with: “After the solemn Christmas blessing, we were off to two more outstations. With the baptism, we were late, and now we were in a real hurry!” Well, that was my first mistake of the day.

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