Sunday Reflections

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 2, 2023

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Bob Sproule, Apostle of the Resurrection

“Whoever receives you receives me”.  What a powerful affirmation of God’s connection to each and every one of us.  God is in us; he is part of our DNA.  How can we not be awestruck by this reality?

But we have a choice to make, how do we live this reality?  How do we choose to honor God’s presence in our lives?  Do we choose to live in love of God and our neighbor or in fear?  Do we choose to focus on the well being of God and others or do we focus on ourselves and how we can use God or others for our gain?  Is our life all about others or is it all about us?

We see in the first reading, a perfect example of how Elisha chooses to live his reality, when he asked about the woman in Shunem, who always hosted him, “Can something be done for her?”  And, in the second reading Paul reminds us, “You must think of yourselves as dead to sin and living for God in Christ Jesus.”

We choose every day.  Sometimes a decision pays homage to God in our lives, sometimes it does not.  We are sinners, but God unlike us, never turns away from us, is always open to us.  Let us pray to always honor God’s presence in our lives; and for the courage to acknowledge the times when we don’t, asking for God’s forgiveness, and committing to a willingness to turn to Him once again.    

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