Sunday Reflections

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Father Paul Voisin

Jesus sent out seventy-two disciples.  They had been witnesses to His words of wisdom, beyond those of their religious authorities, and had seen his miraculous acts.  They had a lot to share!  They had become the “labourers to his harvest”.  As we share in the life of Christ, Jesus sends us out too, to also bear witness to him.  Isaiah assures us, in the First Reading, that God is with us as we do His will.  He has nurtured us as a mother nurtures her child.  St. Paul reminds us that the grace of Jesus Christ is ours.  As we are sent out in our time and place – as “labourers” – we can be confident that Jesus is with us, as we extend the kingdom to others, and bring His love and truth to those who seek God.  The “harvest” will be plentiful as we cooperate with His divine grace.

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