What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part GG by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

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Father Fred Scinto

November 4, 2016



            Please allow me to take you with me on a short journey in order to see how we got to today’s theme/reflection.  Thank you.

            We begin with the two Synods, i.e., the 2014 Synod and the 2015 Synod; of the two, the 2015 Synod which continued and heavily influenced what is happening now in the Church and the Church’s presence in today’s world is the more important of the two.  This is why it has been signaled out for our commentary/study.

            Looking more closely at the 2015 Synod, we were led to looking at the state of the Church in today’s world.  This, in turn, led us to face some of the specific problems the Church faces in Itself and in Its being in our present world.  A big problem that persists is that of Islamophobia which is unCatholic and very much against Vatican II and this is why we continue to look at it, especially with a sense of what we can individually and collectively do about it.

            The Holy Father has made his positon very clear on this problem and the Holy Spirit calls us individually and collectively to make his perspective our own.  This challenge/problem, among many others, makes me wonder how the Pope is bearing up under all the problems (internal and external).  How is he doing with all this?  How is it all affecting his well-being and health, given that now he also  has to face increasing and more widespread opposition to his efforts?

            Today we will consider this question by making some observations.  We are starting to find out that he does have some health challenges (as we saw earlier in these materials of the Consortium).  He is nearly 80 years old.  This summer he had practically no real holiday to speak of and every day he works very very hard at a wicked pace.  His working (and praying) days are long.  The problems he faces are huge and stressful; and all appearance to the contrary, it must be very hard on him that a retired pope (Benedict XVI) remains in Rome; some of Benedict’s supporters follow him still even though Benedict is not asking for this.

            What can we do?  Pray, pray, and pray for him!  Pray for good health for Francis.  Pray for healing in the Church.  Pray that all Catholics will receive the Spirit and back him up as much as possible.  Pray that God will give him Wisdom and patience and perseverance and certainty.  Thank you!

            Next week we will consider opposition to the Pope at this time.

Risen Lord, strengthen and comfort our Holy Father.  Amen.

Father Fred Scinto, C.R.,

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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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