Sunday Reflections

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept. 24, 2023

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Bob Sproule

“…am I not free to do as I wish with my own money”.   Who is responsible for all we have?  That should be our focus. Starting with our conception, the miracle of our life, everything is due to God.  What is that worth to you and me? 

Was that the perspective the laborers had in today’s gospel?  They lived in fear, where life is all about comparison and measurement, how much did I make versus what the other laborers made.  But if we choose to live in love, we live in a natural state of extension and expansion.  Did the laborers believe that the landowner’s actions caused them to feel upset, depressed, and angry?  How they choose to react to the landowner’s actions was determined by their own thoughts.

That is our challenge, how do we choose to live, in love or in fear.

This is what Isaiah was referring to in today’s first reading, “so high are my (God’s) ways above your ways and my (God’s) thoughts above your thoughts”.

And in today’s second reading, St. Paul reminds us that when, “I remain in the flesh (it) is more necessary for your benefit”.  Your benefit being an inward focus, dominated by your ego, where you choose to focus on how your life “stacks up” against the life of others.  It is not true that the one who wins is the one who has accumulated the most (toys), but the one who has lived a life in love.

Let us ask for the grace of God to help us with this focus.        

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