Sunday Reflections

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Father Paul Voisin

The gospel this Sunday is so appropriate for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, celebrated in Canada.  The ingratitude of nine of the ten lepers who were healed disappoints and/or scandalizes us.  Yet, in our human condition, sometimes we faith to express gratitude.  It is easy to take one another for granted, and think “They know I appreciate it”.  We all look forward to expressions of gratitude, but sometimes it ‘costs’ us to do just that.  Jesus associates the gratitude of the one leper with his faith, which has “saved” him.  This Thanksgiving weekend invites us to reflect on our blessings and grace, and to express our gratitude to God, to those who have guided/accompanied/blessed us, and to those with whom we share our school or our place of work.  Sometimes it appears, in our world today that “Please” and “Thank you” are losing ground in our daily lives – at home, school and work.  Just as we appreciate being recognized for what we have done, and who we are, let us pass on that gratitude to others.

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