Sunday Reflections

2nd Sunday of Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Father Paul Voisin

We may be struck by the audacity of Thomas in this gospel, as he sets down conditions to believe that Jesus has risen.  Imagine, the testimony of friends with whom he has walked for three years was not enough!  And then Jesus does appear to the apostles, when Thomas is present, and Jesus fulfils what Thomas asked.  Despite how we feel about Thomas, sometimes we do the same:  we set down conditions to believe that Jesus has risen, that God loves us, and that He is with us.  Sometimes we, too, fail to accept the testimony of others.  Jesus is in our midst, but sometimes we do not recognize Him, especially if He does not ‘jump through hoops’ and do things the way we want, and reveal Himself the way we want.  This gospel challenges us to open ourselves to the revelation of God as God, and not put conditions on God.

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