34th General Chapter - Part 1

Fr. Jim Donohue.

It is great to be back…great to be back to writing for “Mission: Tanzania!” and great to back to Tanzania. I had time away at the General Chapter in Rome, as well as vacation, more celebrations for my 40th anniversary of priesthood in the Congregation of the Resurrection, and many visits to doctors: general practitioner, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, and cardiologist. 

The General Chapter was a wonderful opportunity to review the last 6 years of our world-wide Resurrectionist mission, ministry, and community, as well as to make plans for the next 6 years. Our theme was “Journeying Together in Hope!” We elected a new Superior General, Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R. (originally from Brazil but had been serving the last 6 years as Vicar General) and we produced a document which contains 60 action resolutions to be completed before the next General Chapter in Rome in 2029. Interestingly, 28 of the action resolutions have to do with the Tanzanian Mission! So, we have much to do over the next 6 years!

In addition to the working sessions, there were many great opportunities to meet, socialize and pray. Gathering on the roof top in the evening…

Praying in the chapel…          
Photo taking of different groups representing the international Resurrection community…
Members of the General Curia that served from 2017-2023.
Members of the United States of America Province.
Members of the Canadian Province.
Members of the Polish Province.
Members of the South American Region.
Representative of Members under the Superior General (Tanzanian Mission), Fr. Daniel Hinc, C.R. and the former Superior General, Fr. Bernard Hylla, C.R.
The important “behind the scenes” people who were translators and secretaries.

And, of course, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the cooks!

In this photo, we have the 5 oldest Resurrectionists at the Chapter: Fr. Steven Bartczyszyn, C.R. (4th oldest); Fr. Tim Uniac, C.R. (5th oldest); Fr. Sam Restivo, C.R. (oldest): Fr. Paul Voisin, C.R. (2nd oldest); and Fr. Jim Donohue, C.R. (3rd oldest). None of us know how this happened!!!!!!!

Next issue I will show that we actually did some work at the 34th General Chapter! Stayed tuned!

More to come on www.resurrectionists.ca

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