40th Anniversary Celebration in Buhemba: Part 2

Fr. Jim Donohue.

We had a full complement of altar servers for my 40th anniversary Mass. These young men are in secondary school.

From left to right: Dominic, David, Robert, Brother Michael, Augustino, John, and Modesty. Modesty’s grandfather is a catechist in the parish and works at the Resurrection pre-primary and primary school as a watchman at the gate during the daytime.

40th buhemba 2-2

Servers: Dominic, David, and John. People come forward with their offering.

It is time to receive the gifts from the people of the parish. This includes the collection of money, but also food stuff, soda, water, matches, and other things.

As the servers assisted, Fr. William and Fr. Zedekia helped to prepare the altar.

Cyprian, a secondary school student, played the organ during the preparation of the gifts. Fr. Yohana found a teacher to assist him in reading music. He is amazing.

After Mass was finished, people started to present me with different gifts. It was a bit overwhelming to see such an outpouring of love and appreciation. Every person in the church came forward with a gift and a hug.

Singers and dancers who came forward with a message of “thanks.”

I received some beautiful shirts and cloth material for making some clothes. This shirt was brought forward by altar servers, Joseph and Jackson, and their sister, Happy, and little brother, Mattias. I will miss them very much!

But there was still more to come…stayed tuned! Part III will reveal everything!

More to come on www.resurrectionists.ca

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