40th Anniversary in Buhemba: Part 3

Fr. Jim Donohue.

The gifts just kept coming! At one point I almost started to cry, but Fr. Maciej came over and put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Take it easy. There is so much more to come…people love you very much!” Wow! Amazing!

So, I took a deep breath and tried to savor the moment instead of worrying about it.

People always tell me that I should be more expressive…how is this working????

40th buhemba 3-4

So, if all this…the hugs, the gifts, the tears…were not enough, there was more!

These men are from the “Men’s Group” in the parish, and they had a special gift. They told me that I had to go outside to receive it.

Yes, I am now the owner of a cow (ng’ombe). This is the “highest” gift to give!

But there was more. Morris told me that there was another gift that would come.

Yes, I was now the owner of a sheep (kondoo) as well.

How can I be anything but grateful. People accepted and welcomed me, shared their joys and sorrows with me, put up with my terrible Swahili, laughed at my jokes…but most importantly—and rather unexpectantly for me—loved me. One of the priests in our Province that I have always admired is Fr. Jim Valk, C.R. He was a missionary in Bolivia for many years. Several times I heard him preach about what God will ask us when God sees us: 1) Who did you love? 2) Who did you allow to love you? 3) What did you do with the gifts that I gave you?

Many of us struggle to do well in all three. I think my struggle is with (2). The people of Buhemba surely put me to the test! For this, I am eternally grateful.

I almost hate to tell you, but there are more celebrations to come in Morogoro!!!!

More to come on www.resurrectionists.ca

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