Sunday Reflections

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Father Paul Voisin

In our human condition it is easy to feel rejected.   When we base our ‘worth’ or ‘value’ on things like how much money we have, or what we possess, or how we look, it is easy to feel in last place like a ‘loser’, and feel rejected by the ‘winners’.  Jeremiah, and the prophets experienced rejection, as they were called by God to often give ‘bad news’ to the people of God, calling them back to faithfulness to the covenant.  There was no line-up behind them to be prophets.  Jesus experienced rejection by not only the religious leaders of his time and place, but by even those of his hometown, Nazareth.  In our Baptism we were anointed “priest, prophet and king”.  We, too, are called to be prophets.  A prophet is called to give ‘good news’, and ‘bad news’ – to assure the people of God’s love, presence and graciousness, but also to call them to conversion.  If we are truly prophetic we will pay a price!  We just have to look around us and see those prophetic voices in the world today – calling for peace, truth, justice, overcoming prejudice and hatred, respect for life, caring for the planet – and see that there is often no line-up being them to continue sharing that message.  Let our reflection on the readings of today strengthen us to be that ‘voice’ of God, that sharer of the ‘good news’ of Jesus.

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