Sunday Reflections

5th Sunday of Lent – March 26, 2023

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Fr. Paul Voisin, CR

Jesus tells us “I am the resurrection and the life”.  As He rose from the dead, so those who follow Him faithfully will share in His glorious resurrection.  However, for me, these words are not only talking about His resurrection but that He, personally, is the source of new life for those who follow Him faithfully.  Our relationship with Him, here and now, will be the source of that new and risen life.  Not only after our physical death will we experience this resurrection, but here and now.  When Jesus rose from the dead the improbable and impossible  happened, and God has the power to do the improbable and impossible in our life today. 

When we think of the resurrection we naturally think of Easter and the Easter season.  However, Jesus, as our “resurrection and life” is a reality of every day.   His ability to do the improbable and the impossible is not limited to Easter, but is ours every day.  That is why the virtue most associated with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is hope (our Community Charism).  Every day we should have hope, believing that God is with us, and that when we cooperate with His grace we can do the improbable and impossible.   I am sure we can all reflect on our own lives and how God has done for us the improbable and the impossible, surprising us with an outpouring of grace and blessing.   Perhaps it was a family situation, or at school or at work, when all seemed dark and gloomy, when tempers flared or hurtful words were spoken.  Perhaps it was when a dream was smashed and our plans went unfulfilled. Perhaps it was the grief of losing a loved one.  Just as Jesus wept, so too He weeps WITH us in those moments.  His compassion goes out to us in our moments of need.  His grace is abundant, and at the same time we are bombarded by the grace of His resurrection and new life if we turn to Jesus with hope.  Our hope is a sign of our faith in God, and a testimony to our experience that in the past God did the improbable and the impossible. 

Bogdan Jański recognize in the Risen Christ the key to life that he was looking for.  He opened himself up to God’s love and truth, and God’s grace was abundant.  Resurrection and new life were the fruits of his faith journey, and indeed, in and through Bogdan, God did the improbable and the impossible.  As we approach the great Feast of Easter, let us open ourselves to the improbable and the impossible that God still has in store for us!

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