A Good Trip Back to Morogoro

Fr. Jim Donohue.

Before leaving Buhemba, I wanted to check out the progress of the new secondary school and the renovation of the athletic field. The school year begins in January in Tanzania, so the current Standard Seven students in the primary school are set to graduate in December 2024 and move to the new secondary school for Form One in January 2025. This photo shows the secondary school in the background.

The athletic field was expanded, with better drainage, more places for spectators, and additional locker rooms. It is still not complete. There is additional grading and sod to be laid. The field will be one of the best in the entire region for use by the primary and secondary schools, as well as use by those in the village.

From this camera perspective, we see the back of the school gymnasium. Furthest in the background is the Radio and Communication Studio. Everything in the studio is top quality. Fr. Maciej is able to produce some amazing videos, blogs, and broadcasts from the studio. He was a communication major in college and originally came to Tanzania to help the local bishop set up a radio station. Things did not quite work out then, but he has “resurrected” his passion and is able to create some amazing productions in his spare time…as pastor and director of the schools!

Meanwhile, the secondary school is progressing nicely. All the exterior is built, but there is still much work to be completed in the school interior.

When I walked back to the parish, I saw that some of the altar servers decided to wash the pickup before we left in the morning. I did not even ask; they just did it!

Mario, Michael, and I planned to leave in the morning. Our plan was to bring Selestine (1st year Theology) and the brother of Peter (1st year Theology), Tobias, to Bunda, which we would pass on the way. Tobias is finishing up secondary school and has interest in joining our formation program.

When we arrived in Bunda, we went to Selestine’s house. Here is Selestine, Tobias, Br. Michael, and Mario.

I had been to Selestine’s house previously when I first came to Tanzania. He was just about to begin Novitiate and we picked him up on the way to Buhemba. I met his mother at that time. She is a schoolteacher of mathematics. Here are two of Selestine’s cousins with his mother.

After saying goodbye to Selestine, we went to Tobias’ house. Unfortunately, no one was home when we arrived. Tobias, however, gave us the royal tour, including the shrine chapel that his family has in their house.

The shrine chapel is an example of the incredible devotion that many Tanzanians have. After such encounters in the seminarians’ homes, I have come to understand why they have a vocation and why they are so committed to their faith.

Our journey continued to Singida, where we stayed the night in a lodge.

So, now we are all back in Morogoro and in the first week of January. The students are resuming their first semester studies, with examinations near the end of February. We are also anticipating a visit from our Superior General, Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R. Things are always busy!

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