Are You Aware of the Seed God Has Planted in Your Heart?

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for June 16, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Are You Aware of the Seed God Has Planted in Your Heart?

At the beginning, it is not easy to notice the small seed of a vocation that God has planted in our hearts.

Even if we are unaware of its presence, God patiently nurtures it, allowing it to sprout and grow. Gradually, He invites us to take care of it, ensuring it is firmly grounded in faith and His love.

Are you aware of this seed that God has planted in your heart? Are you guarding and cultivating God’s seed of your vocation?

“There are two actions that are a part of the individual’s work in this garden – two actions of the person in his nature: the first is to guard; the second, to cultivate. Therefore, the individual must first guard nature. Nature here is equivalent to mind, heart, and will. Let the person guard them well from every sort of unhealthy vapors, all filthy insects, all vicious serpents, all fierce beasts. The person’s mind must be clear, the heart pure, and the will free and eager. This is the negative aspect of the individual’s task. The positive aspect of the task comes next. The in-dividual must then set about cultivating the garden, that is, his/her nature. The individual must sow, water, cultivate, and gather the fruit. At this stage, it is primarily love that leads and does all the work. Therefore, out of love, let the individual first offer God all of the soil in this garden. Next, let him proceed to the garden for the Lord, diligently and lovingly planting nothing but God’s seed: In the field of the intellect let him sow the eternal truths; in the field of the heart, heavenly hopes and desires; in the field of the will and divine commands, holy intentions and actions.

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