Sunday Reflections

Ascension of the Lord – May 12, 2024

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Wanda Cakebread, Apostle of the Resurrection

Recently, we experienced a full eclipse of the sun, which rarely happens in a generation. It was incredible to see so many people gathering in places where they could comfortably park or sit and await the phenomenon of nature. There was great anticipation, and it was surreal to see people everywhere joining together to celebrate the same experience.

While there, I tried to imagine how that would compare to being a witness to Jesus’ Ascension. In the company of the Apostles and looking up into the sky, it would be overwhelming to see Jesus being taken up into the infinity of space with my own eyes. The Ascension brings together heaven and earth. The gravity of earth no longer had power over Jesus. Jesus came to earth to be one of us humans and on His ascension Jesus, in His divinity, returned to heaven with the promise that we too can participate in the fullness of life with God. Pope Francis states “ we could say that from the day of the Ascension, God himself “changed”- from that point on, he is not only Spirit but such was his love for us that he bears our own flesh in himself, our humanity.”

However, His final instruction was for the Apostles to go forth and share the good news with all of creation. ‘Go’ is one of the most used words in the Gospels . Not only is it a command, but also indicates action and urgency. There is no time left for the Apostles to be standing around, looking up into the infinity of space. They had work to do and so do we.

Jesus commissioned us to be his representatives here on earth until he comes again. It is a heavy responsibility.

Something to ponder: Am I going ‘forth’? How am I sharing the good news with everyone I meet? What changes do I need to make? How is Jesus present in my ministry/mission?

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