Back to School Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the beautiful summer holiday time we had, for the warmth of the sun and the cleansing rain. 
Thank you for the joyful time we spent with our families and friends.
Thank you for the chance to sleep in and stay up late, to ignore the usual schedule and go off on adventures.
Today we return to school.  Some things will be the same; our friends, sports, favourite subjects.
But there will also be many changes, and sometimes change scares me. 
Jesus, please help me today and in the weeks to come, to not be scared of the new things that will come this school year. 
A new teacher, new classes, new classmates.
Help me to be brave because I know you are always with me.
Help me to be kind to everyone I meet, because I know they are all your children, even my teacher.
Help me to be open to learning about new things because your world is so huge that there is always something new to learn.
Help me to always be me, because you created me and you love me, just the way I am.
Jesus, please let this new school year be full of hope and joy for myself, and all children.
Thank you Jesus, for being my friend.