Baptism of the Lord

“We call others, especially youth and families, to build and teach others to build, a Christian community in which all can experience the hope, joy and peace of Christ’s Resurrection.”

– Mission Statement & Charism Statement of the Congregation of the Resurrection

Today we commemorate Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan by John the Baptist.  Jesus chose to be baptized as a symbol for those who followed him, those who were watching him.  Jesus’ baptism was a sign that he accepted his vocation and mission, to bring about the salvation of the world.  He did not need to receive the Holy Spirit in Baptism, as we do, since Jesus was already fully one with the Father and the Spirit.  But Jesus chose to be baptized so that we might follow in his example, that we might also willingly enter the river and accept the vocation which God is calling us to.
The Congregation of the Resurrection, in its Mission and Charism Statement, proclaims its focus on working with others, especially the laity, to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.  Today, on this Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we invite you to remember your baptism, remember your personal call from the Lord to be a witness to all those you meet of the Good News of the Resurrection.  If you are not baptized, we invite you to pray, to listen, to be open to the Spirit moving and working all around you.