Baptisms at St. Theresa’s Small Community

Fr. Jim Donohue.

Saturday, October 1st is the feast of St. Theresa; there is small Christian community just a block from the parish church where people gathered for baptisms and Eucharist within their small community, named after St. Theresa.

Brother Michael and Fr. Yohana are setting up for Mass and preparing for the 23 children and babies who would be baptized this morning.

Fr. Yohana began the introductory rite of asking their intention and claiming them for Christ.

It was now time for the baptisms. The child or baby who was baptized put their head over a basin and Fr. Yohana used a large cup to pour water over their heads…lots of water!

For the “clothing with the white garment to show your Christian dignity,” Fr. Yohana placed a white cloth over each newly baptized person’s head.

Then each baptized person was presented with their baptismal candle to remind them that they are to be light in the world.

The Eucharist continued and we were welcomed to a huge cookout afterwards. It really was quite amazing.

The newly baptized were children and babies…23 in all. The church choir was present to add great music and singing. A few of the choir members had children and babies baptized this day.

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