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Resurrectionists are communities of men, and communities of women, whose members have dedicated their lives to the mission of the Congregation of the Resurrection.  They are all Sisters or Brothers have all professed life-long vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in response to be completely free to experience Christ's life and love and to share it with the marginalized. 

We are teachers, priests, deacons, social workers, parish administrators, and advocates for the homeless, lost and forsaken.  At the core of our various ministries is the deep conviction that through the pascal mystery everything is transformed.  In other words, everything that dies with Christ eventually experiences new life through the power of his Resurrection. 

We try as best we can to become living examples of that new life and instill in others that the hope Christ's Resurrection brings does not disappoint.  If you would like to discern a calling to become a Resurrectionist please contact us and explore the Vocation pages of this website.

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Fr. Raphael Ma, CR is Ordained a Priest

Ordained to the Priesthood!



Sunday Reflection

Father Dan Lobsinger's pictureSometimes it’s easy for each of us who have been blessed with an abundance to first, take for granted what we have been given and second, to hoard our possessions for ourselves.

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Raphael Ma, C.R. Professes His Final Vows
Wednesday, November 21st was a memorable day for Raphael Ma, C.R.

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