Buhemba Parish Welcomes Fr. Evandro Part 1

Fr. Jim Donohue.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive between the parish in Butiama and the parish in Buhemba. It seems that word spread quickly that we were returning to the Buhemba parish for a few days. We had a great “informal” greeting at the gate!

Fr. Evandro and Francesco were amazed and appreciative of the reception that they received everywhere they went. Hospitality is truly a part of the life of the Tanzania people.

Morning began with Mass in the Buhemba parish on Tuesday, February 13. Things look different in the sacristy than in the church!

Fr. Maciej “pulled out all the stops” for Fr. Evandro’s visit. After Mass and breakfast, we were greeted by the students at their morning assembly.

The Cathedral is quite beautiful; it spacious, with an open-air architecture.

The Principal, Mr. Dickson, with Francesco and Fr. Evandro.

The students organized an intricate marching display of human bodies that, at the end, spelled out: WELCOME FR. EVANDRO, C.R. You can see Fr. Maciej in the background operating a drone which recorded the whole event.

Following the assembly, we gathered in the cafeteria for several student displays and speeches. Fr. Evandro and Francesco were also presented with special gifts to mark the occasion of their visit to Resurrection pre-primary and primary school.

After the student presentations, Fr. Evandro and Francesco were presented with gifts. Fr. Evandro’s statue represents the oneness of family.

Fr. Maciej shared a few words and then Fr. Evandro responded with a message that students should continue to work hard in school so that they can make a difference for others in our world.

I could not help but think of the importance of what we are doing in Tanzania. These young people continue to promise hope for all.

More to come on www.resurrectionists.ca

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