Christmas in Butiama and Buhemba - 3

Fr. Jim Donohue.

The report in the last blog showed the progress of erecting the “stable” for the Christmas crèche scene. Valentino (one of the novices in Buhemba), Leonsi, Br. Michael, and Yohana (one of the senior servers) had the structure in place. But that is only the beginning of what still needed to be completed. Br. Michael is the expert, so we “watch and learn!”

Step by step, more trappings and lights are added until the final product, which is enjoyed immensely by all the parishioners throughout the Christmas season.

Whoops! I am getting ahead of myself, because even though Br. Michael finished the Christmas crèche, it was Saturday evening, just before the 4th Sunday of Advent. I had one Mass at the main church in Biatika to finish the Advent Season.

There was time to relax in the afternoon before the Christmas Eve Masses at Biatika (Fr. Andrzej, Br. Michael, and me) and Magunga (Fr. Yohana and Leonsi).

This is Hamisi; his family is Muslim, but he wanted to be become a Catholic and his parents consented. Is that a smile like no other????

Hamisi and Wenceslas sending messages of love to everyone for Christmas!

More to come on

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