Christmas in Butiama & Buhemba 8 - the final Christmas update

Fr. Jim Donohue.

The Resurrection Sisters have a place in Buturu, which is near the Butiama parish. They invited all of us for a Christmas celebration the day after Christmas. The Resurrection Sisters have a great painting outside their chapel depicting the Risen Jesus.

We arrived a bit early, but we had more time to relax and socialize before Mass.

I presided and preached, while Fr. Andrzej and Fr. Yohana concelebrated.

Sister Ewelina Dudzik, C.R. and the other members of the community did everything you could imagine to “throw a great party.”

I do not usually take photos of my food, but I needed to take this photo because they had mashed potatoes…a first for me in Tanzania…and something that I love!

There were gifts and entertainment by some angels who arrived from heaven!

The next day, on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, we celebrated Yohana’s names day. We presented him with a new shirt and a few other small gifts!

We still had one last Christmas celebration for all the Resurrectionists in the area. We gathered at the Buhemba parish and had supper together after prayers.

Jessica did an amazing job preparing everything for us to enjoy.

Jessica really gives 100%…the food tasted great and looked great as well!

Two weeks went by very quickly, but I was able to accomplish a great deal: helping both the parishes during Christmas, visiting with all the Resurrectionists in my role as Superior, and celebrating in many different ways with various people. Hopefully, I will be back next year to celebrate Christmas again in Butiama and Buhemba.

More to come on

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