Christmas with the CRs!

Merry Christmas from Resurrection Manor!

Over Christmas the Resurrectionists gathered for a Community Feast.  Community is essential to Resurrectionists, it is even the 6th Principle of Resurrectionist Spirituality.  At Christmas this principle means spending time together, enjoying a wonderful festive meal, and praying together.  

We pray for all those who do not have the support of family or community this Christmas, that they will feel God’s love surrounding them and find a community to accept and welcome them. Thank you Lord for our many blessings.

Emmanuel, God is with us!

Fr. Sudie; Fr. Joseph, Fr. Toby, Fr. Harry, Fr. Ray, Fr. Raphael & Fr. Dan; Fr. Jim, Br. Ed & Fr. Chris, gathering for the party!

The Manor dining room is decorated festively for the party!

Fr. Harry, Fr. Toby & Fr. Murray; Fr. Pat & Fr. Dave; Br. Ed, Fr. Jim & Fr. Tim; all ready for the party!
What a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas!