Come and See in May

Fr. Jim Donohue.

Near the middle of April and through the beginning of May we were visited by seven young men who are interested in joining our community. Most were able to stay for a three-week period for their “Come and See” time with us.

Of the seven visitors, three are interested in becoming Resurrectionists priests and four are interested in becoming Resurrectionists brothers. Pictured here is Fr. Toby and Fr. Jim with Michael Gilbert Sindani (brother candidate) and Desdery Exupery (priesthood candidate).

Come & See 2

While they are with us, the candidates join us for prayer, meals, recreation, and the regular routines of daily and weekly life. They also join our eight aspirants for two classes every morning. In the first class, Fr. Jim works with everyone to help them pronounce the words and to understand the gospel in English. In the second class, Fr. Jim works with everyone to help them learn about Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. During this timeframe, we were working on Habit Two: “Begin with the End in Mind.” Each person worked on a personal mission statement so that they could establish life goals.

Mpangaze Gervas (a priesthood candidate) is 23 years old. Studying in Morogoro, he is working on his BA in Human Nutrition and Diet, and he will graduate in July 2024. Originally, he is from Dar es Salaam.

Amos Frolian Chomba (a brother candidate) is 25 years old. He has five brothers and two sisters, and he is the fifth child of his parents.

Michael Gilbert Sindani (a brother candidate) is 22 years old. He is from Sumbawanga, in the South of Tanzania. He is the youngest in his family and he has one sister and two brothers.

Desdery Exupery (a priesthood candidate) is 23 years old. He has three brothers and four sisters. He was born sixth in his family and when he was young, his mother told him that she hoped that he would one day become a priest.

Derrick Joseph (a brother candidate) is 23 years old. He is from Dar es Salaam, and he plays the drums. Actually that is an understatement as he is very proficient on drums.

Inocent Agustino Herman (a priesthood candidate) is 20 years old. He has three sisters and two brothers and was the fifth born in his family. Currently, he is studying at Jordan University in Morogoro, working on a diploma for secondary education.

Mathias Edward Nyanda (a brother candidate) is 27 years old. He has already completed his studies as a catechist in the Musoma Diocese. He has two sisters and one brother and was born third in his family.

We will welcome another group for a second Come and See period, beginning on June 8. We are expecting anywhere from 6-10 candidates. It is a blessing to have so many people interested in religious life and priesthood, but as you can imagine, it is not very easy to determine which candidates to accept.

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