Commemoration of All Souls 2023

Over this past year two of our Resurrectionists and one Apostle of the Resurrection have passed away:
  • Br. Ed Benson CR
  • Fr. Jim Valk CR
  • Joan Sichewski.
Today, on this Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, we commend Br. Ed, Fr. Jim and Joan to our Risen Lord, along with all our deceased members and loved ones.
May Christ, who suffered, died and was buried,
who rose again on the third day,
welcome all our departed brothers and sisters into His eternal home. 
May their souls dwell with God in eternity,
and may we who are left behind seek to live in the Hope of the Resurrection. 
Our Lady of Mentorella, pray for us. 
Mary, our Mother, pray for us.