Do you want to be changed?

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for January 21, 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Do you want to be changed? 

Can you identify one thing in your life that has changed as a result of encountering the Word of God?   

In 2019, Pope Francis established the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary time to be “the Sunday of the Word of God.”  With this focus in mind, we see very clearly in this Sunday’s readings, the potential that encountering God’s word has to change people’s lives. 

The people of Nineveh believed and repented, the fishermen left their nets, and St. Paul invites the Christians in Corinth to see their entire life from a new perspective.  Truly being open and receptive to the Word of God has the power to change us forever.  Do you want to be changed?  When was the last time you were really open to God’s Word? 

“Besides daily participation in morning prayers and evening prayers, each religious will spend at least one hour each day in private prayer and reflection which will include the following: mental prayer, reading of Sacred Scripture and/or other spiritual reading, a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, examen and a Marian devotion, for example, the rosary.”

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