Fr. Evandro Visits the Resurrection Sisters

Fr. Jim Donohue.

After the tour of the Butiama parish, we met with Fr. Phillip and then, afterwards, had a wonderful lunch. Fr. Andrzej joined us for lunch and then all of us drove the short distance to visit the Resurrection Sisters in Buturu.

Sr. Ewelina, C.R. is always a generous hostess. She gave Fr. Evandro and Francesco the “grand tour.” Here, Fr. Evandro is pointing out a cow that he has had his eye on to take back to Rome!

Fr. Evandro & Sisters 2

The sisters have a beautiful chapel in which we took some time to pray and take photos.

Next, we paid a visit to the pre-primary school. It seems that not all the students are young! The “real” students are wondering who this new “big kid” is!

We traveled back to Buhemba to continue Fr. Evandro’s visitation. We were given a warm goodbye from the students at the primary school that is beside the Butiama parish.

Here are some of the views that we captured on the way back to Buhemba. Many of these photos were taken by Francesco. You can probably tell the difference between my photos and his photos!

More to come on

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