Fr. Toby Collins, CR Visits Morogoro – Part 1

Fr. Jim Donohue.

The XXXIV General Chapter of the Congregation of the Resurrection passed a number of action resolutions when we met in Rome in July 2023. Many of the action resolutions were about the Tanzanian Mission. One called for the rector of the formation house in Morogoro—that would be me—to ask for one Resurrectionist from around the world to visit the seminary for two weeks each year. I started with the Canadian Province, and they selected Fr. Toby Collins, C.R. to come to Tanzania.

We are very fortunate to have Fr. Toby come for this visit. He brings a unique set of gifts. As pastor of St. Mary, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish in Kitchener, he has collaborated with various partners to provide food (300 meals a day) and shelter (Tiny Homes) for countless people who suffer due to mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, and poverty.

St. Mary's Parish

He is also a talented photographer and videographer. At the time that I am writing this blog, Fr. Toby has posted two new videos about his travels to Tanzania. Here are the links:

Video Link #1: Journey and Arrival in Tanzania
Video Link #2 Safari with Fr. Daniel

Trust me, they are well worth watching. They really capture Tanzania in ways that my photos cannot!

After a very long flight that was delayed and rerouted, Fr. Toby arrived at the formation house to be greeted joyfully by the seminarians.

Fr. Toby makes friends easily and has a new friend in Fr. Daniel, who he met many years ago when Fr. Daniel was studying English in Canada.

After a long journey, Fr. Toby was ready for a good dinner and good conversation.

The next morning, Fr. Toby met with Fr. Daniel and the aspirants—young men who are discerning a call to join the Congregation of the Resurrection.

There are many different things happening this week, so “market day” was shifted from Friday to Wednesday. Why not have Fr. Toby join Fr. Daniel, Fr. Jim, and three aspirants—Sebastian, Anord, and Timotheo—to help?

It has rained every day that Fr. Toby has been here. Unfortunately, that means that the market is filled with mud. It becomes very difficult to negotiate when walking!

We have fish about three times a week, so we need to buy a few big ones!

More to come on

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