General Chapter Update: New Council

In the afternoon of Wednesday, June 28th the Resurrectionist delegates to the 34th General Chapter elected Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R. to be our new Superior General. Fr. Evandro is a member of the South American Region, and was born and raised in Brazil.

On Friday, June 30, the Capitulars elected Fr. Robert Rapińczuk, C.R to be the Vicar General. Fr. Robert is a member of the Polish Province and has most recently served as the associate pastor at our Resurrectionist parish in Gdansk, Poland.

Later that same day, the Capitulars elected Fr. Andrzej Gieniusz, C.R. to serve as the first councilor. Fr. Andrzej is a member of the Polish Province and currently teaches Sacred Scripture at the Urbaniana University in Rome, Italy.

On Monday, July 3, the final councilor was elected: Fr. Krzysztof Swół, C.R. Fr. Krzysztof will leave his position as the Provincial Superior of the Polish Province to serve the international community in his new role.

We are grateful to these men for being open to the service of the Congregation of the Resurrection for the next six years. May God bless their ministry as we continue to journey together in HOPE!

The new General Government. From left: Andrzej Gieniusz, C.R. (General Councilor), Robert Rapińczuk, C.R. (Vicar General), Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R. (Superior General), Krzysztof Swół, C.R. (General Councilor).