Harry Potter Movie

Fr. Jim Donohue.

I was scheduled to leave Buhemba on Thursday, April 27. Since my 40th anniversary as a priest is on April 29, we decided that we would combine a “going-away” celebration and the anniversary celebration on Sunday, April 23.

The celebration began with an event for the altar servers on Saturday, April 22 so that I could express my appreciation for their great service while I was in Buhemba. Brother Michael and I decided that we would watch the first Harry Potter movie, with ice cream, cookies, drinks, and sweets.

They had never seen (or heard about) the Harry Potter movies, so I had to explain a bit of what they were about to see. I was able to put the subtitles on so that they could read what was being said.

Harry Potter 2

I downloaded the movie so that we did not have to rely upon the internet, and Fr. Maciej helped us to hook up my computer to a big screen and a great audio system. As you can imagine, the movie was a big hit! They giggled and laughed, they shrieked and shouted, they applauded and were spellbound. The biggest laugh and shouts came during the scene when the troll is in the bathroom and falls on his face with Harry’s wand stuck in his nose!

With the help of some of the older servers, Br. Michael and I served the ice cream, drinks, cookies, and treats.

The clean-up crew: Gabriel, Francis, Jackson, Hamis (Joseph), Felix, and Francisco.

More to come on www.resurrectionists.ca

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