I am with you always

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for May 21, 2023 – The Ascension of our Lord

I am with you always

In Dioceses in Canada, the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord is almost always moved to the nearest Sunday, because if it was celebrated on the actual day (a Thursday), very few people would be able to attend, and the Church wants us to be able to go to Mass to mark and celebrate this special day.

But what is it really that we are celebrating?  And what does it have to do with vocations?

The Ascension, I think provides us with some perspective.  Quite simply, because of the Ascension of Jesus, we know that this life is not all that there is.  And we also know that Jesus is in Heaven, guiding us and interceding for us with our Heavenly Father.  We can turn to Jesus with our needs, and He will show us the way.  But not only that, He also has a role for us to play in continuing His mission, which we heard in today’s Gospel.

We’re on a journey towards Heaven, and Jesus has not left us on our own.  A lot of our worries and concerns – if we’re honest about them – often result from losing this perspective.  The Ascension of Jesus is a reminder of this perspective, which makes a difference in the way we plan and live our lives.  What difference does it make in yours?

“His plan of salvation for each of us is fully revealed in the paschal mystery—the suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit.”

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