Is your longing stronger than fear?

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for February 11, 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is your longing stronger than fear?

The man from today’s Gospel was conscious of the risk of rejection he faced. Fully aware that his actions were crossing established lines, the man afflicted with leprosy chose to confront this risk. His intense longing for connection and healing overcame his fears.

How deep is your desire to feel the touch of Christ? Do you have the courage to risk even if it means being rejected by some people?

It is fascinating that, despite his intense longing and hope for healing, the man didn’t force Jesus to heal him. By saying, “If you choose, you can make me clean,” he left the decision to Jesus, entrusting his healing to Jesus’ will. He completely surrendered himself into Jesus’ hands.

“Those responsible for formation will be careful to respect the human dignity and the special divine vocation of persons entrusted to their care. In guiding the growth and development of the individual, Formators will take into account his natural and supernatural endowments, as well as his interests and inclinations, so as to enable the individual with these special God-given talents to make the greatest possible contribution to the work and progress of the Congregation. "

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