Fr. Joseph's Silver Jubilee Celebration

May 8, 2017

Fr. Murray McDermott, C.R. (Provincial) Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R., Fr. Paul Szymanowski, C.R. and Msgr. Murray Kroetsch (representing the Hamilton Diocese) celebrating Mass at Fr. Joseph's 25th Anniversary Celebration.


Fr. Joseph offering a serious reflection during his homily.


Fr. Joseph sharing a lighter side to his homily with his guests.


Dr. Katherine Bergman, (President of St. Jerome's University), Fr. Joseph de Viveiros,C.R., Fr. Murray McDermott, C.R. (Provincial) and Msgr. Murray Kroetsch of the Hamilton Diocese.

Ms. Ruthann Fisher, Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R. and Ms Alice Soeder.  Ruthann and Alice are presenting Fr. Joseph with a special memories book with congratulations from friends, colleagues who could not attend this special anniversary.

Mrs. Terrianne Moulton organist for St. Francis Parish and Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R.  Terrianne and Alice Soeder did an amazing job with the music ministry for this occasion.


A delicious buffet and 3 beautiful cakes were all part of the reception.  It was a joyous and faith filled evening for all who attended.

Congratulations Fr. Joseph on a job well done!  We look forward to what unfolds over the next 25!